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Article Talk: Considering Kratom as an Alternative to Opioids for Cancer-Related Pain
May 29, 2019
Life for 8 years before taking Kratom *taking 11 medications including prescribed dilaudid and fentanyl *Bedridden *Using a wheelchair and walker *rarely left the house *couldnt go see my mom after she went to the nursing home for 3 years *missed out on ALL activities my kids had at school *i had no relationships with my kids I have been taking KRATOM now for 5 years and this is my life now * taking ZERO medications and my dr approves of Kratom * I bike several miles a day through a nature preserve near our home or walk 2 miles a day. *go out to places several times a week for dinner, coffee etc *I saw my mom often on a regular basis.Which is truly a blessing because she just ...

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