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Article Talk: Tips For Dealing With A Metastatic Friend During the Holidays
November 28, 2016
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Celebrating you for putting these tips out there, Martha. Creating joy in the moment is important for all of us, but essential to the wellbeing of our metastatic friends. Seeing your words land just where they'll do the most good for those in need! Dr. Shani Fox, ND www.drshanifox.com

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Are You Rushing Your Body to Heal?
June 08, 2015
Important point you make here, Debbie. The concept of convalescence has been all but lost in Western medicine; yet common sense would tell us that a stage of convalescence is to be expected after any of today's standard cancer treatments. As doctors, we should be anticipating this and providing a recovery program to everyone who has completed treatment. Dismissing survivors who come in with post-treatment issues with platitudes like "it just takes time" is neglectful when recovery cries out to be supported with targeted nutrition, resolving root causes of any sleep disturbance, an appropriate physical movement regimen and stress-management help, as needed. Survivors can do their part by honoring, not pushing through or against, their bodies' signals. Taking the ...

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