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Cancer Survivorship: A New Way of Living
June 17, 2015
Kathy LaTour's article was right on target. I, too, was diagnosed in 1986 and given a dire prognosis about my time left on earth. I said, "I'm too busy to die. It's not on my calendar and no other woman will wear my jewelry." Somehow its worked for 29 years and three cancers. I remember the NCCS in Albuquerque and Susie Leigh very well. The founders of NCCS were my heroes and sheroes. They steered me in the right direction, toward survivorship. I will always be grateful for them sending Brad Zebrack and Joanna on a bike ride around the country talking about this new thing called "survivorship." When they came through Jacksonville and I got to meet them, I realized how important planning for ...

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