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Meeting Your Match
June 25, 2015
I agree with the author's listing of the barriers to finding and participating in a clinical trial. One not mentioned though is the financial cost to the patient. I incur all out of pocket expenses, such as a weekly 250 mile round trip car ride, finding and sometimes paying someone to drive me, occasional hotel stays so I can be at the hospital for a 7am blood draw, insurance co-pays for what is deemed "routine or standard of care". (In my case, my insurance covers 90% at my home hospital and only 80% at the study hosp.) It is an investment in my future, but not everyone can afford that. The study coordinator recently hooked me up with the Lazarex Foundation (lazarex.org) and ...

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Leading Us Through CancerLand
June 24, 2015
I wish my doctor knew that I know when he & his staff are not being honest with me. I think he already knows that though. I wish my doctor knew how damaging it is to our doctor-patient relationship when he isn't being transparent. I wish my doctor knew how awful it feels when you don't fully trust the people you're depending on to keep you alive. I hope he never has to know how that feels.

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