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Article Talk: Late Effects Burden Lymphoma Survivors After Multimodality Treatment
April 19, 2018
Hi Laurelee04 and Kirk, I too, have somewhat similar health trajectories from 1983 when extended mantel radiation treatments cleared up early stage HL for me. You may find it helpful to speak to the many adult survivors who are sharing evolving research, informed contacts and resources about late-effects (including those not well identified here). Though many in the group were 'cured' of Hodgkin's, many, many more are now facing secondary cancers, especially breast cancer, chronic heart disease as well as radiation induced fibrosis. We found each other on Facebook from all corners of the planet; U.S., Canada, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, etc. Just put "hodgkins disease survival repercussions from 1960 - 1990's" in the Facebook search box if you would like to continue the conversation and find support

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