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Different Cancers, Different Journeys: One Problem With Lack of Public's Education
July 23, 2015
When my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 15 years ago, I knew I had to do something more than to wait around for it to return. However, after his first battle with radiation, chemo, a stem cell transplant, and more chemo, he relapsed. That was it. I had been studying different alternative ideas out there and found one that he has been on for 11 years. His health improved, and he has not relapsed since he has been on the product. The best thing we ever did was to be open minded about other things out there. My husband is still here, and I thank God everyday for introducing me to the person who told me about the ...

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Multiple Myeloma
July 21, 2015
My husband has MM for 15 years. We went through the chemo, radiation, transplant and more radiation. However, he relapsed in less than 3 years of being diagnosed. We decided to turn to an alternative product to improve his quality of life. Since he has been on it, he has not relapsed. It is a great product to enhance your wellness. E-mail me for more information or post a comment.

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