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Do I Trust My Body After Cancer? No.
February 05, 2016
I have read your articles about problems with fatigue. Four and a half years out I still have it. But I also have very bad generalized pain several days a week. It's about a 6 or 7 pain. That plus the fatigue, really lay me out. My oncologist says that after this time, the chemo is not the cause and there is no long lasting effects. ( I don't like him, needless to say) Have you heard of others with joint and muscle pain after chemo? I had triple negative breast cancer. Karen

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Cancer Fatigue: Tired of Being Tired
July 23, 2015
I almost cried when I read the article about fatigue. I thought I was the only one. I am 4 years out from breast cancer --triple negative. My oncologist said it's not from the chemo or radiation after all this time. He just totally dismisses it. My family dr. tried a stronger pain pill for my arthritis and an anti-depressive. It hasn't worked. He also wondered if I have sleep apnea. I don't. Granted I'm 70 but no one I know in their 70's feel like I do. I exercise 2-3 days a week. My husband is on oxygen 24/7 and we both exercise at pulmonary rehab. It doesn't really help. Thank

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