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Cancer and Chemo Side Effects: I Am Fortunate and Tainted
August 01, 2015
This is great Barbara. You have gained understanding and control of your cancer journey. I am sure you will handle whatever the future holds. In my case I am eighty-nine, a cancer survivor of fifteen years with four occurrences of Diffused Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (DLBCNHL) and two spots of Melanoma. Like you I am fortunate, tainted, grateful and most of all I feel lucky. Here I list my reasons why I feel lucky. I was lucky to have DLBCNHL as it is easily treatable and if it came back it was treatable, I was lucky that initially I had a primary care physician that put together a task force of doctors to attend my needs, I was lucky to ...

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Cancer Fatigue: Tired of Being Tired
July 23, 2015
About Cancer and Cancer Treatment Fatigue I have read that some cancer treatments cause epigenetic changes to the DNA (on the outside of the DNA) that result in fatigue. This may be one aspect of long term fatigue. The research being done at the molecular level may give some answers and maybe a remedy for cancer survivor fatigue. I have been looking for an answer for my fatigue for fifteen years after having four occurrences of NHL and have found that I had to figure it out each time for myself. We are all unique in our cancer journey it is a made-to-order experience for each individual. For the most part the journey is currently a do-it-yourself effort. ...

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