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Breathe Out, Then In: Yoga for Cancer Survivors
April 04, 2015
I had a similar experience last week with my brother. Four years my junior, he was rushed via rescue squad ambulance from a physician's to a local trauma center in defib. When he called me on the cellphone, I could hear the fear in his voice....the cold and cough he had ignored all winter was now a massive lung infection hampering his breathing. I realized I needed to calm him down....without trying to confuse his breathing. I remembered a "breath prayer" I learned, not in a yoga class, but at a Presbyterian church taught by a woman who combined her Christian faith with healing touch training: "Let go; let God." It seemed to help him. I hope it will help others. My brother is

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Choosing Yoga After Cancer
March 23, 2015
Thank you, Jean, for your blessings and for your advice on yoga. (And that goes for the rest of you who have chimed in with suggestions.) I am in the midst of chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer and struggle with fear and anxiety about the treatments and the future. I need a way that I can prepare my mind and body for healing. Yoga, something I've done sporadically throughout my adult life sounds perfect. Even though I live in a small town, 40 miles from a large city, I appreciate your suggestions of finding a private coach and/or working with online and audio resources. Because of you, I am ready to take a first step toward taking back my wellness. Namaste.

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