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Article Talk: Picking Out Bras and Prostheses, a Survivor's Experience
August 06, 2017
If you haven\'t been to Nordstrom I highly recommend it. As a young woman with no reconstruction I was disappointed in the mastectomy bras at my local specialty shop. I felt they were ugly and matronly. Nordstrom will put in custom pockets for your prosthetics for free with the purchase of their bras. I even had them do a cute swimsuit too.

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The Other Shoe
October 06, 2015
You have been through so much and come across as so strong. I love reading your blog. You inspire me. Keep it up. I am living with Stage IV breast cancer. I know you have what it takes to get through this challenge too.

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Defiantly Alive
August 01, 2015
Thanks for your article. I was diagnosed at age 38 with Stage IV breast cancer. My first oncologist only treated my cancer with chemo. Roughly a year later my cancer came back and now I'm back on chemo. I have a new oncologist since my first doctor moved. I am scheduled for a mastectomy next week but I had to be persistent and pushy about having a bilateral too. My oncologist says I am adamant. So I guess I just want to say I am right there with you in being defiant, stubborn, adamant. Whatever we call it we are very much alive.

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