Article Talk: 'CURE Expert Connections' Launches ADT in Prostate Cancer: Managing Cardiovascular Risk Video Series

Started by Richard Wassersug, October 05, 2019
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Richard Wassersug

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October 05, 2019
Dear CURE, I am a prostate cancer patient and a researcher, who studies (among other things) ways to help reduce the side effect burden from androgen deprivation therapy when used to treat prostate cancer. My research is very much in line with what is discussed in the CURE videos that I just reviewed of chats between the oncologist Dr. S Slovin and the patient Andy Rochester. I would very much like to talk to Mr. Rochester in person. Could you put me in contact with him? My sincere thanks for your help here. Yours truly, Richard Wassersug, PhD Honorary Professor Cellular & Physiological Sciences University of British Columbia and Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society Latrobe University Melbourne, Australia
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