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Started by Sherlock , April 07, 2018
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April 07, 2018
I was reviewing my post in December 2017, scans revealed a local reoccurence of a liposarcoma. I had a partial resection of colon, a bit of liver resected and complete removal of gallbladderin January 2018. Pathology reported the exact same information as the original resection of a football like mass in retroperitoneal cavity. I revisited Dr. Tseng's article about retroperitoneal sarcoma. He is absolutely correct about each surgery becoming a bit more difficult. I am 3 monts post op. I am weaker now than I was after chemotherapy after first surgery. I have some strange symptoms in my hands and feet, a few days before Palm Sunday all of the Post traumatic emotions broke through. This by far has much more difficult. It's very hard from a patient perspective to accept this approach by medical professionals treating patients symtomaticly. This only masks the underlying problem. I am shocked at how much pain I experience on a daily basis to treat this Cancer in a singular foci method is to me a grave mistake, I have multi sytemic pain and considering the length of time this cancer spends hidden in the retroperituem laying on multiple organs,bones, glands, etc confuses me. Its an insult when someone says just be "positive ". Specialist that only specialize miss the opportunity to treat the whole person. My cancer team is thrilled about the results of surgery, but failing to treat the rest of me. Every thing is kicked back to my PCP. Then intgrative oncology centers want pay before you play mission statements. I hope I can get out this country.Italy, Germany, Canada, all nations much older than Ours understand the importance of treating the whole person. What I post is real. Not intended to be negative or positive,. Its a human being experiencing a real life battle with Cancer.
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