Article Talk: Feeling Like Shark Bait After Cancer SurgeryArticle Talk: Feeling Like Shark Bait After Cancer Surgery

Started by golden1s, July 18, 2018
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July 18, 2018
I so totally agree with this but never thought of it as feeling like shark bait but yes, I do! I look in the mirror & can\'t recognize myself, maybe don\'t even care to as i feel cancer has taken so much from me. I dont even wear shorts , barely capris as my ankles swell & I\'m deal with lymphadema in right leg. My hair is gone, 2 yrs now & I\'m sick of wigs, plus they are hot in the summer. So many people don\'t even recognise me, like I\'m in cognito. I\'m trying to figure out this new me & to move forward. I am still going through treatment & through all of this I know I am blessed as well, I am alive & I believe in silver linings but hard to wrap my head around all of this at times. I want my old self back, the energy, all of it. I hate to complain because then I feel guilty so thank you for sharing this. guess i needed confirmation that I\'m not alone in these feelings either. View Original Post \r\n

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