Recognizing the Champions Among Us



Fri, December 8, 2017 6:00 PM | Georgia Aquarium | Atlanta, GA


Guest Speaker: Dr. Jill Biden
Jill Biden, Ed.D., Co-Chair
Dr. Jill Biden is a mother and grandmother, a lifelong educator, and was Second Lady of the United States from 2009 - 2017.

Dr. Biden's passion for the fight against cancer began in 1993, when four of her friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. Hoping to use her decades-long education background to promote prevention, she started the Biden Breast Health Initiative in Delaware, which has educated more than 10,000 high school girls about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Later, after losing both parents to cancer, and helping to nurse her sister through a stem cell transplant, she was inspired to use her role as Second Lady to raise awareness and support research. In Washington, D.C., Dr. Biden and the Vice President served – and continue to serve – as the Honorary Co-Chairs for the Global Race for the Cure.

Following the death of their son Beau to brain cancer in 2015, Vice President and Dr. Biden helped push for a national commitment to ending cancer, known as the White House Cancer Moonshot. Today, they continue that mission through the Biden Cancer Initiative, with the goal to inject a sense of urgency into cancer research and care, and to deliver better outcomes for patients. The Biden Cancer Initiative is guided by a Board of Directors, co-chaired by Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, which includes world-renowned leaders and experts in the fields of medical research, patient care, information technology, finance, management, patient engagement, patient experience, and public policy. The Initiative’s vision is to be a major convening force in driving new actions and collaborations toward ending cancer as we know it.

In addition to her work in the area of cancer, Dr. Biden works as a full-time English professor at Northern Virginia Community College – a position she held throughout her time in the White House. She also co-chairs the America College Promise National Advisory Board – leading the effort to make community colleges free for responsible students – and serves as the Board Chair of Save the Children US.

With the conclusion of the Obama-Biden Administration, Dr. Biden and the Vice President launched the Biden Foundation in 2017, to continue their work to strengthen the middle class, protect women and children against violence, advocate for community colleges, and support military families.


CURE® magazine is proud to host an annual evening of gratitude and celebration for the heroes that are making differences in the lives of people with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).

Each MPN Hero is nominated by patients and caregivers for their heroic contributions in the field of MPNs or in the individual lives of people with MPNs.

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