Recognizing the Champions Among Us

CURE® MPN Heroes®

Heroes Category: Commitment to the Individual
Ross L. Levine, MD
Dr. Levine has had an enormous impact on MPN research. His many innovative contributions include the codiscovery of a key gene mutation, development lead in important clinical research, and development of drug treatment approaches to clinical trials for MPNs.
Elliott Winton, MD
Dr. Winton is a distinguished researcher who conducted the first bone marrow transplant at Emory University Hospital in 1979. In addition to advancing the science of MPNs through continued research, he’s an esteemed physician who spends endless hours talking with patients at the Cancer Support Community, national MPN organizations, and local MPN support groups.
Erin H. Blackwell RN, BSN, OCN®
Erin is renowned for her compassion and exceptional dedication to her MPN patients at the Levine Cancer Institute. She excels at personalized patient care, can recall details about most of her patients, and gets back in touch with patients – even in her off hours.
Bonnie Joyce Blankert, Caregiver
Bonnie left her home and family for 2 months to care for a friend who needed stem cell transplant surgery due to complications of post-essential thrombocythemia myelofibrosis. Without a designated caretaker, her friend would have not been eligible to have the transplant surgery.
Heroes Category: Commitment to the Broader MPN Community
Ann Brazeau, Patient Advocate
Ann is the founder and CEO of MPN Advocacy & Education International. Her devotion to grassroots education and services for the MPN community has made her a legendary patient advocate—especially for underserved populations.
Patricia K. Koenig, Patient Advocate
Patricia’s cheerfulness and inner strength encourage others who live with polycythemia vera (PV). Patients may be searching for hope after they are diagnosed with PV, and they find hope when they meet Patricia and hear her story of courage.
Andrew Schorr, Patient Advocate
Andrew’s experiences with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and myelofibrosis inspired him to found Patient Power® and Patient Empowerment Network, well-regarded online portals offering authoritative cancer information. Andrew travels widely to interview top MPN experts and also reaches out to patients in MPN support groups, offering knowledge to help them become more empowered and informed.
David Wallace, Patient Advocate
David publishes PV Reporter and MPN Cancer Connection, informative websites for patients with MPNs. Diagnosed with polycythemia vera, David is devoted to helping other patients get information and resources to help them live with their MPNs.

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