How Can Your Experience of Pregnancy and Cancer Help Others?

If you would like to confidentially participate in an international registry that tracks the pregnancy outcomes and long-term health of women, and children of women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, please contact Elyce Cardonick, MD, FACOG.

Cardonick, an active member of Hope for Two’s Board of Advisors, is a maternal fetal medicine specialist who created The Cancer and Pregnancy Registry as a tool to help women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy make difficult choices based on data and facts, not fear.

Each new patient who participates in the registry contributes to not only helping themselves, but also providing critical data to help women worldwide make educated decisions. Additionally, Cardonick is available to work with a woman’s oncologist in deciding which tests and procedures can be performed — and when — during pregnancy to maximize the safety of the unborn baby while not compromising the chance of cure of the mother.

You may reach Cardonick, as well as find out the details about participating in The Cancer and Pregnancy Registry, at or by calling 1.877.635.4499 or 1.856.342.2491.
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