Melanoma Action Coalition Growing in Numbers to Spread Disease Awareness

In 2014, leaders from seven community-based melanoma foundations came together for the first time, hoping to share information and find mutual support. They became the founding members of the Melanoma Action Coalition (MAC), an organization that now incudes more than 20 foundations nationwide. MAC member foundations are involved in a wide range of activities. Some focus on fundraising for research and others on awareness and education. Some also provide programs that directly support melanoma patients. MAC honors all of these goals while helping its members to feel as if they are not working in isolation. It provides opportunities for members to communicate with each other, support each other and share information and resources.
MAC also provides its members a means of speaking with a common voice around important public policy issues, such as banning the use of tanning beds by children under the age of 18. MAC collaborates with other cancer and melanoma-focused organizations such as The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the Melanoma Research Alliance. MAC’s prevailing philosophy is that we all have one common goal—defeating melanoma—and that we can be most effective in reaching that goal if we work together.
Here is a sampling of our members’ activities and services:                                       
MAC welcomes both foundations and individuals to become members. For more information, please visit or contact Neil Spiegler:
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