Shouldn't Be

I woke up to the sound of birds singing and to a birthday that shouldn't be.

I laughed with my seven-year-old.

I celebrated with Katie and Karlie.

I held hands with Ronnie.

Because of colon cancer, this is another borrowed day in the chain of borrowed years. According to statistics, it is a day full of wonderful things that were never expected and shouldn't be. Not for me.

'Happy birthday' messages greeted me from around the globe. Because of cancer, my life has been touched by friends far and wide, around the country and across the ocean — many I have met, others I have not. We have a bond formed because of a disease that is sneaky and evil; often stealing milestones and moments along the way and at the same time creating friendships that would have have never been.

I heard "happy birthday" in many languages.

I cherished friendships.

I enjoyed the sunshine.

I ate birthday cake. 

I watched the sun set.

I basked in the blessed beginning of another year.

And as the day faded away, I gratefully celebrated the happiness nestled in special moments of a day that shouldn't be.
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