David Allen Denny Tells His MPN Story

David Allen Denny

David Allen Denny, an administrator of the Myelofibrosis Private Support Group, tells the story of his diagnosis.

Denny was named one of our 2015 MPN Heroes in the category of Commitment to the Individual.

He is affiliated with two online support groups: the Myelofibrosis Private Support Group and MPNforum. Denny is passionately committed to helping patients with MPNs overcome obstacles. Through daily e-mails and messages of support, he comforts and guides online members to proper medical resources, financial information, current studies, and other educational materials. Denny not only welcomes people into the MPN community, but he also strives to empower individuals to ensure that their voices and concerns are heard. Because he has selflessly volunteered countless hours, Denny has helped hundreds of people in the MPN community get the vital information they need to help manage their MPNs.
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