Karen Duffy Pays Tribute to One of Our MPN Heroes

Karen Duffy

Karen Duffy pays tribute to her husband, Harvey Lawrence Gould, who was named one of our 2015 MPN Heroes. In this clip, Duffy is joined by Harvey Gould's daughters.

Harvey Lawrence Gould is an MPN Hero in the category of Commitment to the Broader MPN Community. In spite of his myelofibrosis (MF), acute myeloid leukemia, and subsequent allogeneic stem cell transplantation, Harvey’s indomitable spirit, sense of humor, musical talent, and love of life inspired others. “Harvey oozed HOPE—even in desperate times.” As a regular columnist for MPNforum, Harvey served on the MPNforum board of directors and the editorial review board. As a friend, however, he had a way of devoting himself wholeheartedly to the people in his life. Those close to him have said, “To be in his presence was to have his full attention.”

Harvey is recognized for helping to advance the science of MPNs because he advocated for free MF genetic testing/studies offered by 23andMe. In addition, his generosity has contributed to the CREATE seminar (CRISPR/Cas9 Edited Autologous Transfusion Exploration) to improve the stem cell transplant process.
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