A Saving Grace in Cancer Care

Julie Cox

Julie MacLaren, RN, B.S.N., OCN
Julie MacLaren is my niece, second-born of my brother’s four lovely daughters, who re-entered my life on a regular basis after my so-far successful fight with second-stage breast cancer. My chemotherapy was administered in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon, by nurses other than Julie, but, aside from my husband, Bill, Julie has become the primary support person in my life. She is the only one in our family of children, siblings, cousins and other nieces who knows of my cancer challenge.

After being estranged from my brother, Julie’s father, and his family for my adult years (I’m now 67), increased stress and fear finally made me realize that I had to reach out to someone. Julie was my choice, and she has since become a saving grace and an angelic source of light and hope in my life. She has renewed family ties with me and shown me that I truly have a future with love and healing in knowing her. Her regular contact, counsel and support are always gentle, understanding and spot-on! Foremost, she strongly believes in and teaches the healing power of family love.

Julie is loved by many at her place of employment, too, and is known for her kindness, terrific sense of humor and leadership skills. While working in her profession for over 16 years, Julie has developed many close and lasting relationships with both her coworkers and patients. She is a great communicator and networker. Her face radiates love, and to see this, just go to her Facebook page, where her glow of love shines out for everyone. Amazing! In addition, Julie is a mother of four beautiful children, and the lucky man in her life publicly thanks her on Facebook for her wonderful love. I commented on one of her photos a week ago that “anyone who gets you for a nurse is truly blessed.”

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