The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation Provides Tips and Support for Survivors

The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation

The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF) was formed by Bart Frazzitta, a survivor of esophageal cancer, and his wife Ginny in 2003, with the goals of bringing awareness and educating the public about esophageal cancer.  

The foundation produced a video that brings attention to this disease and also created a YouTube video channel that provides further information on esophageal cancer. It is also working to create additional videos prepared by patients, caregivers and survivors as well as physicians addressing issues that a patient may encounter in his journey through this disease.

Other parts of the ECEF’s mission statements include:

“To walk the journey with patients who have this disease”
ECEF shares the following information with post-surgical patients: In addition, ECEF provides the following services that will help a patient navigate the recovery process:

Conference Call Support Group
The ECEF provides Conference Call Support Group meetings on a monthly basis where patients come together via a conference call to ask questions about their recovery process. This gives patients an opportunity to listen to and speak with, other esophageal cancer survivors and strengthens the feeling that they are not in this alone. From time to time, doctors will participate in the calls. They are helpful in responding to questions that are beyond the experiences of patients who are on the call.

24-hour phone hotline
In addition to conference call support group meetings, ECEF has a 24-hour hotline for questions regarding quality of life.

Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Q&A Book
ECEF has also developed a book called “Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Questions & Answers” that is available at book stores or on the ECEF web site. This book identifies most of the issues a patient may experience in his post-surgical journey.
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