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Using Humor to Combat Coronavirus Fears

BY Shelly Rosenfeld
PUBLISHED March 12, 2020
Humor amid worrying situations sometimes may seem misplaced, but, it can aid in alleviating fears and help people refocus on what they need to do. And amid fears surrounding the new coronavirus, it’s not a surprise patients with cancer are nervous.

In the spirit of laughter being the best medicine, Shelly Rosenfeld, a staff attorney for Cancer Legal Resource Center, wrote a parody song on COVID-19 to help patients and caregivers find a momentary bright spot of humor amid the worry.

“Covid One Nine”, to the tune of The Searchers’ song, “Love Potion Number Nine”
Written by: Shelly Rosenfeld1

I bought a face mask and a cleaning wipe
The news spread wide and I believed the hype

I stay at home and now I’m feeling fine
Trying to prevent getting Covid One Nine

I stood in lines to finally buy a Spray
I heard a sneeze and then I moved away

Coronavirus needs to give a warning sign
Trying to prevent getting Covid One Nine

The doctor said not to touch the face
But my itch is in no other place
To find tissue boxes it’s a frantic race
There’s so much to do to try to cover each base.

I no longer shake a hand or even hug
There’s no better way to avoid this bug
But the burden to stay healthy is all mine
Trying to prevent getting Covid One Nine

There’s so much to do to try to cover each base.

I got worried when I boarded a flight
There’s so much coughing everywhere in sight

Seeing all the sick sent shivers down my spine
Trying to prevent getting Covid One Nine
Covid One Nine
Covid One Nine
Covid One Nine

1All rights reserved

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