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Diet and exercise

Tamera Anderson-Hanna
There are many ways to meditate, but I have learned there are some basic ways to support and promote healing by connecting with breath and mind. This aids in fighting feelings such as anxiety and depression when going through a cancer diagnosis.
Beth Fand Incollingo
Can a certain diet improve cancer outcomes?
Barbara Tako
A two-time cancer survivor shares strategies that have helped her over the years with healthy eating habits and movement.
Brielle Urciuoli
An advanced lung cancer diagnosis can be extremely stressful for patients and their loved ones, but a couples-based mindfulness intervention may be able to help.
Samira Rajabi
Every six months, I get an MRI to check for recurrence or growth of my brain tumor. This is one of those times. To prepare for tomorrow, I try to remember not to forgo today.
Amanda Bontempo
How fresh is your food? Know what's behind those sell-by and best-by dates
Kathy LaTour
Even though fatigue makes it hard, exercise is important for cancer survivors.
Amanda Bontempo
For people affected by cancer, the idea of starting fresh and with a clean slate is appealing. Here are a few of my favorite food trends.
Amanda Bontempo
Adequate protein is essential to meet the increased demands of the body, especially during anti-cancer treatment.
Beth Fand Incollingo
Strategies from expert oncology dieticians can help patients to eat an appropriate diet and maintain a healthy weight during and after treatment for ovarian cancer.

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