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Financial Issues

Brielle Urciuoli
Until recently, Herceptin, which is used to treat patients with metastatic breast cancer, was fully covered under Humana’s South Florida Medicare Advantage plans. But, after taking it off the preferred drug list, patients will now be responsible for 20 percent of the drug’s cost, better aligning South Florida’s plans with Humana’s other Medicare Advantage plans.
Victoria Puzo, LCSW
For many cancer survivors, returning to work can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Knowing your rights and making a plan can help ensure a smooth transition.
Kim Johnson
No matter how expensive treatment was, we didn’t want to put a price tag on my sister’s life.
Martha Carlson
A major insurer takes a 20-year, first-line standard treatment off its preferred list in one market. But where will it end?
Bonnie Annis
Most Americans have insurance. We find comfort in knowing our future is secure in the event of a health crisis. But how do we know how much insurance is enough? Is it wise to take our specialized policies?
Katie Kosko
Musella’s plan for the Brain Tumor Virtual Trial Registry is to get patients access to more drugs at a faster pace, while collecting treatment and efficacy information that can later be used by oncologists across the country to treat others.
Brielle Urciuoli
Not all employees with cancer get paid leave, but those who did saw better health and financial outcomes.
FINANCIAL TOXICITY IS AN increasingly used term that describes the multiple negative consequences of medical care costs on the patient, whether it be for cancer or another serious illness.
An easier application process could make experimental drugs more accessible to patients in need — outside the realm of clinical trials.
Don Vaughan
Organizations offer free services and goods for patients with cancer. 

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