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General Psychosocial Aspect Topics

Dr. Scott Irwin
“For the patients that are nervous about how this is going to end, or what's going to happen, I would say that that's true for them outside of the COVID crisis because that's the same question they have about their cancer,” Dr. Scott A. Irwin said.
Dr. Scott Irwin
As stress and anxiety have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, one expert notes how it’s important for patients with cancer to pay attention to their mental health.
Bethany Davis, LSWAIC
Patients with cancer have a unique skill that not only aids them through their own cancer journey but a global pandemic like COVID-19. 
Martha Raymond
There's a lot of rapidly changing information on COVID-19 and patients need to take their time and find the facts that matter.
Dr. Scott Irwin
Although many patients with cancer are concerned about leaving their house during the COVID-19 pandemic, a board-certified psychiatrist highlights that some of his patients with cancer have reported a reduction in their anxieties during the pandemic.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
May marks Mental Health Awareness month, a crucial part of the healing required for patients on their cancer journey. 
Kathy Latour
Hope is a tenuous thing, but it is important to foster hope during the cancer journey even when the statistic don't feel hopeful. 
Barbara Tako
All of us could choose to practice gratitude instead of judgment during these challenging times.
Ian Macleod
“In 16 seconds, we can really bring our consciousness to the present moment.”
Felicia Mitchell
Surviving cancer teaches us emotional resilience, making even a frightening pandemic something we can decide we can navigate.

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