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Cancer or Not, Embrace Our Bodies
BY Samira Rajabi
Those of us who have suffered often fear what can go wrong with them. But the more we know our bodies, the more we can love them and ourselves.
Facing Advanced Cancer's Struggles With CALM
BY Gary Rodin, M.D.
Gary Rodin, M.D., head of the Department of Supportive Care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, in Toronto, Canada, discusses CALM, an intervention designed to help patients with advanced-stage cancer cope and talk about their concerns.
Survivor's Dread: Prepping for an MRI
BY Samira Rajabi
Every six months, I get an MRI to check for recurrence or growth of my brain tumor. This is one of those times. To prepare for tomorrow, I try to remember not to forgo today.
When You Move, Your Brain Tumor Comes With You
BY Samira Rajabi
Moving with a health problem comes with the logistical challenge of finding resources in a new place which is a task conquered through patience, kindness and a lot of organization.
Why Are Positives Scary After Cancer?
BY Dana Stewart
After cancer caught me off guard, I tend to wait for the other shoe to drop, even if that means getting scared when positive things come my way.
Cancer Survivors Should Put Their Feelings First
BY Dana Stewart
After a cancer diagnosis, you need to put your feelings first before anyone else's.
Sarah Sciortino on Fertility and Sexuality in Younger Patients with Ovarian Cancer
BY Sarah Sciortino, MSW, LSW
Sarah Sciortino, MSW, LSW, Oncology Psychosocial Support Services Program Coordinator at University of Chicago Hospital, discusses the unique concerns that younger patients with ovarian cancer can face.
I’m Not Waiting for Cancer's Return
BY Barbara Carlos
For many who have been through the experience, whether you call it a return, recurrence or anything else, it’s something they lay awake at night thinking about, and worrying about.
Cancer Support: The Furry Kind
BY Dana Stewart
When the emotions of cancer start to get you down, try taking a chance on talking to a four-legged furry friend.
Using an App to Reduce Cancer-Related Anxiety
BY Joseph Greer, Ph.D.
​Joseph Greer, Ph.D., Clinical Director of Psychology and Research Scientist in the Center for Psychiatric Oncology & Behavioral Sciences at Massachusetts General Hospital, explains a mobile app to help anxiety in patients who have incurable cancer.
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