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General Psychosocial Aspect Topics

Barbara Tako
"How worried 'should' I be?", ponders one cancer survivor.
Doris Cardwell
Every person handles a cancer diagnosis differently. The most important thing is that you say or do something. Here are three suggestions you may find helpful based on my experience.
Barbara Tako
Connect yourself to items that can help you through your cancer journey.
Felicia Mitchell
As a breast cancer survivor, I have become more active in my efforts to call attention to problems with secondhand smoke in my community. Since I know that exposure is not healthy, lobbying for changes in attitudes, as well as policies, makes me feel more empowered.
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
Success with new treatments helped me realize I need to reinforce to myself and to other cancer survivors that hope is just around the corner when we least expect it.
Barbara Tako
Does your cancer diagnosis grow your patience and ability to live with change and cope with the unknown? Absolutely.
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
Recovering from cancer and its aftermath is like grief; always changing, undulating and rippling like a tide.
Jeannine Walston
Learn how the pain through the trauma of cancer can transform in positive ways.
Barbara Tako
How do you trust your body when it has genetics that could give you cancer? Who do you turn to for support?
Shira Zwebner
Being a cancer survivor means that I'm living on borrowed time and struggling to find the balance.

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