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General Psychosocial Aspect Topics

Khevin Barnes
While patients with cancer and survivors face extra risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are more adept at handling the uncertainty and fear than one may think. 
Jane Biehl PhD
Family is vital during the cancer journey, but family is not just made of legal and blood relatives, but the friends we make along the way as well. 
Bonnie Annis
Daily, we are learning more about ways to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For the person affected by cancer, self-care can already play a vital role in healing and can now help during social distancing.
Martha Carlson
A friend's call to list all the good things people without cancer have done for those with cancer brings an unexpected rush of hope and happiness.
Kathy Latour
Health literacy is important for any patient with cancer trying to understand their diagnosis, and they need help from their care team to gain that. 
Bonnie Annis
Words are powerful and precious. And cancer survivors can use their stories and words of encouragement to help others as they go through their own journey with cancer.
Jane Biehl PhD
As a cancer survivor or patient with cancer, being honest about feeling cranky some days and knowing it is being human is important to the journey.
Laura Yeager
Having lived with the possibility of early death as a two-time cancer patient, I’m used to the coronavirus threat and all that it entails.
Steve Rubin
After waiting on scan results, the whole process can be so draining that I'm left broken and depleted. Often for several days later. Making it hard to completely enjoy the relief good news should provide.
Shira Zwebner
Forced isolation after cancer can be triggering, but the alternative with a compromised immune system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is much worse.

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