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General Psychosocial Aspect Topics

Brielle Benyon
Loneliness may play a key role in an individual’s social constraints following a cancer diagnosis and its treatment, which in turn, may worsen symptom burden, according to recent research.
Bonnie Annis
For those facing cancer, encouraging words can often be good medicine.
Kristie L. Kahl
A recent survey demonstrated the common tradeoffs most patients report regarding treatment decisions, highlighting the importance of shared decision making.
Sarah DeBord
I never fully understood how ingrained my children were in my soul until I had to give serious thought to the end of my own life, and I knew I didn't want to face it without them.
Kathy LaTour
While celebrating Christmas this year, there was a moment that really surprised me. My youngest stepson said something about being sorry he wasn’t more help when I was going through cancer.
Khevin Barnes
How we deal with our cancer may be a matter of perspective.
Sarah DeBord
As cancer once again robbed me of the chance to make the holiday memories I had hoped for, it took a kid eating frozen pizza on Christmas Eve to remind me what really mattered.
Diana M. Martin
A former caregiver's ongoing journey.
Mike Verano
I often joke in training classes on aging that with every new candle on my birthday cake, a new medicine bottle shows up in my cabinet.
Kristie L. Kahl
The Raymond Foundation released the Cancer Caregiver Action Plan to help others with emotional support and information.

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