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General Psychosocial Aspect Topics

Jeannine Walston
Learn how the pain through the trauma of cancer can transform in positive ways.
Barbara Tako
How do you trust your body when it has genetics that could give you cancer? Who do you turn to for support?
Shira Zwebner
Being a cancer survivor means that I'm living on borrowed time and struggling to find the balance.
Kathy LaTour
Art can help us understand our deepest feelings, helping us cope and reflecting the complexity of life after cancer.
Donna Clark
Simple kindnesses can help to diffuse negative emotions that are associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment—and may even help to improve patients’ outcomes.
Lisa Smalls
If we have the capacity to love then we have to face grief as well, along with how it manifests in our lives—particularly through sleep.
Dana Stewart
How can we finally rid ourselves of the emotional baggage that fear brings us and free up our minds to think about the good stuff?
Diana M. Martin
Mandalas can help people with cancer and their caregivers find purpose.
Jane Biehl PhD
I am thrilled to be enjoying a respite from chemo but afraid to be happy. How can I process this scary new freedom?
Barbara Tako
When and where to mention (or not mention) your ongoing cancer survivorship story?

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