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Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Kevin Berry
Life after cancer calls for yet another new normal.
Kevin Berry
Most cancer survivors are familiar with Psalm 23 and the feeling of walking through the valley of the shadow. We also need to remember that there's another side to the valley, where the light shines brightly.
The recent World Health Organization announcement classifying processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen isn't really news. It's just common sense.
Kevin realizes that the trauma caused by losing space shuttles turns out to feel a lot like finding out you have cancer — only lonelier.
Two transplants, three mini triathons. Running the race for myself and others shows how lessons learned in the hospital translate to victory on the outside.
Kevin gives advice for giving advice.
Returning to the mechanics of transplant, Kevin gives some details of the six-month milestone, but is unable to refrain from a bit of hopeful philosophy.
Kevin gets philosophical, sharing deeply wrought insights in a manner that, just possibly, might actually make sense
Kevin continues to explain how to stay alive in a world that's pretty much trying to do the other thing to you.
Kevin explains, in a rather tedious manner, his procedure for washing his hands and other immune-deficient oddities.

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