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Feature Video
Receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be frightening and confusing. Understanding the details of your specific cancer and how they relate to your prognosis and treatment planning is an important first step toward shared decision-making between you and your physicians. In these CURE Connections programs you will learn the meaning of the PSA test, prostate cancer staging and grading, and how these factors are used to determine which treatment approach is right for you. Management of prostate cancer related symptoms, available treatments, and how to deal with side effects are also discussed. In addition, you will hear from patients and caregivers about their personal experiences with prostate cancer.
Anita T. Shaffer
Some newly diagnosed patients with prostate cancer reduced their risk of death with earlier use of Zytiga, according to two trials presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting. 
Allie Casey
After the Affordable Care Act was passed, a study found that there were more stage 1 cancer diagnoses across the nation.
Ariela Katz
Previously reported declines in prostate-specific antigen testing have not continued in recent years, and that approximately one-third of men age 50 years or older still receive routine PSA tests.
Katie Kosko
A recent study found that, due to higher incidence of prostate cancer in black man, PSA testing may need to be started earlier in this population, and be done more frequently.
Shannon Connelly
Leonard Gomella, M.D., recommends that healthcare providers familiarize themselves with how each novel biomarker should be used and then decide which one to use for a more individualized approach in clinical practice.
Jason Harris
The USPSTF may be changing its stance on PSA screening for prostate cancer.
Allie Casey
Androgen deprivation therapy, a popular treatment for prostate cancer, may have a link to dementia, according to a recent analysis.
Danielle Bucco
While other tumor types have seen extraordinary progress with immunotherapy agents such as Opdivo (nivolumab) and Yervoy (ipilimumab), they have not yet shown similar success in the treatment of prostate cancer. Padmanee Sharma, M.D., Ph.D., weighs in. 
Angelica Welch
In an interview with CURE at the Interdisciplinary Prostate Cancer Congress, Celesita Higano, M.D., discussed the early use of chemotherapy, the potential for PARP inhibitors and the evolving role of radium-223 in prostate cancer.
Katie Kosko
The amount of sleep a man gets can have an impact on prostate cancer outcomes, according to a recent study.

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