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Testicular Cancer

Katie Kosko
“Since effective cisplatin-based chemotherapy was introduced in the 1970s, the overall age-adjusted five-year relative survival rate is 95 percent, and survivors remain at risk for decades for the late effects of cancer and its treatment,” the study authors wrote.
Justin Birckbichler
I realized after facing my own cancer battle two years ago, I was free to fly to the other side of the "I have cancer" conversation.
Justin Birckbichler
If you're using your 'cancer following' to gain fame or profit for yourself, I ask you to reconsider.
Justin Birckbichler
How I leverage social media to raise testicular cancer awareness.
Justin Birckbichler
Am I getting old or is chemo brain coming back?
Justin Birckbichler
Not just an anti-drug slogan, it's a phrase that describes how cancer empowered me to make the best use of my time. 
Justin Birckbichler
Words I use to describe myself include "survivor, activist, teacher, superhero geek and cat dad." Inspiration? Not a word in my top ten.
Justin Birckbichler
I'm learning to expect scanxiety, and that helped keep it at bay.
Justin Birckbichler
Part three in a three part series about my trip to Chicago for HealtheVoices 2018.
Justin Birckbichler
Part two in a three-part series about my trip to Chicago for HealtheVoices 2018.

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