Young Adults Face Steep Increase of Colorectal Cancer Risk

New study shows increased risk of colorectal cancer among young adults as risk among older adults declines.

Rising Colon Cancer Rates Comparison  

The authors noted that age-specific CRC risk of those born around 1990 has escalated back to the level of those born around 1890.They suggest that these trends represent changes in exposure to risk factors such as excess body weight, high consumption of processed meat and alcohol, low levels of physical activity, low levels of fiber consumption and cigarette smoking. There has been a parallel rise of the obesity epidemic, which shares behaviors that independently increase CRC risk. Additionally, a study has shown that a Western-style, high-fat, low-fiber diet initiates inflammation and proliferation in the colonic mucosa — where nutrients, fats and proteins are absorbed from the foods we eat — within two weeks.
While detection of preclinical disease could be because of rising colonoscopy utilization, rates have risen at a similar magnitude for both early- and advanced-stage diseases which is inconsistent with a screening effect.

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