Tossing Out the Cancer Paperwork: Is It Even Safe?
BY Barbara Tako
Breast cancer and melanoma survivor who is also a clutter-clearing author shares her tips for cancer and other papers.
Coping with Cancer Worry and Life
BY Barbara Tako
Breast cancer and melanoma survivor shares coping tools that help her.
A Cancer Survivor's Gentler New Year's Resolutions
BY Barbara Tako
Two-time cancer survivor shares effective, yet gentle ways to change habits for the new year.
Blogging Your Way Through Cancer
BY Jen Sotham
Blogs about personal experiences, such as cancer, can be therapeutic for both writers and readers.
Comparing Melanoma Rates Across the US
BY Ellie Leick
Overall, melanoma incidences increased over the past year in the United States, but deaths did not, according to a recent study which stratified the data by state. 
Post-Holiday: Free Your Mind From Cancer
BY Barbara Tako
A breast cancer and melanoma survivor clears her household and cancer clutter.
Five Questions With an Immunotherapy Expert
BY Katie Kosko
CURE spoke with Jason Luke, M.D., about some of the pressing topics in the field of immunotherapy.
Moving Forward As a Cancer Survivor: Big and Small Decisions
BY Barbara Tako
Two-time cancer survivor and motivational clutter clearing author shares some ways to prepare and to share going into the holidays and beyond.
Covering All the Bases: FDA Must Focus on Cancer Prevention
BY Timothy Turnham, Ph.D.
To best help the melanoma community, the FDA must not only approve medications, but also focus on cancer prevention.
Even After Cancer, Are you Still Not Good Enough?
BY Barbara Tako
This breast cancer and melanoma cancer survivor is done playing the "I'm not good enough" tape.
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