Are You in the Shallow or Deep End of the Cancer Pool?
BY Barbara Tako
Two-time survivor reflects about the cancer experience and offers perspective and hope.
Changing Melanoma Treatment in 2017
Omid A. Hamid, M.D., of The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute and Jason J. Luke, M.D., of University of Chicago Medicine, share treatment approaches on the horizon for patients with melanoma.
A Cancer Survivor's Tips for Chemotherapy
BY Barbara Tako
Breast cancer survivor shares her chemotherapy tips for patients who need chemotherapy.
An Age Restriction on Indoor Tanning Could Reduce Melanoma Rates, Lower Treatment Costs
BY Katie Kosko
Legally preventing people under the age of 18 to go indoor tanning may reduce the number of Americans with melanoma, ultimately decreasing treatment costs, according to a recent study.
Cancer and Work: How It Felt to Be Back
BY Barbara Tako
Cancer survivor discusses the emotional difficulties that came with going back to work after surviving breast cancer and skin cancer.
Combination Shows Early Promise in Melanoma
BY Laura Panjwani
Tasigna and Mekinist is showing promise for the treatment of patients with BRAF/NRAS wild-type melanoma, according to a recent study.
I Don't Trust My Body After Cancer Struck Twice
BY Barbara Tako
Two-time cancer survivor just doesn't trust the body that betrayed her--twice.
Reaping the Benefits: Exercise Programs Offer Physical and Social Benefits for Cancer Survivors
BY Brielle Urciuoli
Group exercise programs are beneficial to survivors of cancer, and can offer motivation from peers to continue living a healthy lifestyle.
Keytruda Benefits Rare Melanoma Subtype in Three Trials
BY Lisa Miller
Three recent trials showed that Keytruda had a durable response for patients with a rare subtype of melanoma.
I Was Shocked by My Cancer Diagnosis
BY Barbara Tako
Breast cancer survivor says a cancer diagnosis is a shocking experience, and shares help to cope with it.
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