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Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer. Because there are many different types of breast cancer and several ways to treat the disease, CURE Connections wants to answer the questions you might have following a recent diagnosis. Throughout this program, you will hear about the different testing procedures that are available for screening, what to do once diagnosed, and how to find the best possible care team, from expert oncologists and breast cancer patients.
Are You in the Shallow or Deep End of the Cancer Pool?
BY Barbara Tako
Two-time survivor reflects about the cancer experience and offers perspective and hope.
My Cancer Might Be Back: Writing About My Apprehension in Real Time
BY Khevin Barnes
After two years of writing for CURE, my story is suddenly as real as it gets.
Microsurgery: a Viable Option for Improving Lymphatic Flow in Cancer Survivors
BY Bonnie Annis
The routine removal of sentinel nodes during surgery for breast cancer may not be necessary, and can contribute to painful lymphedema.
Keeping Your Hair During Cancer
BY Kathy LaTour
The loss of hair during cancer treatment really can be devastating.
Lynparza Improves Survival in Breast Cancer, According to Recent Study
BY Jason M. Broderick
In a recent phase 3 trial, Lynparza improved progression-free survival in patients with BRCA-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer. 
A Cancer Survivor's Tips for Chemotherapy
BY Barbara Tako
Breast cancer survivor shares her chemotherapy tips for patients who need chemotherapy.
Dieting for Cancer
BY Barbara Carlos
After indulging a bit too much over the holidays, it's time to get back to the real world.
Blindsided by Cancer Fear
BY Martha Carlson
I know what scares me about metastatic cancer. Except when I don't...
Cancer: Journaling the Journey
BY Bonnie Annis
Recording personal thoughts during cancer can be a helpful way to process feelings.
Dense Breasts? Pay Attention
BY Kathy LaTour
Two studies examine the importance of knowing if you have dense breast tissue.
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