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Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer. Because there are many different types of breast cancer and several ways to treat the disease, CURE Connections wants to answer the questions you might have following a recent diagnosis. Throughout this program, you will hear about the different testing procedures that are available for screening, what to do once diagnosed, and how to find the best possible care team, from expert oncologists and breast cancer patients.
Tips From a Cancer Fatigue Survivor
BY Barbara Tako
Two-time cancer survivor offers help for fatigue, including fatigue that is months and years out from active treatment
Losing a Friend to Cancer
BY Khevin Barnes
Sometimes powerful, sometimes painful, there are lessons in cancer at every turn.
Off With the Old, On With the New
BY Bonnie Annis
A breast cancer survivor learns to shed her old identity and adapt to her new one.
The Words That Changed My Life: You Have Breast Cancer
BY Kathy LaTour
We are never prepared to hear the words, "You have cancer."
This Little Body of Mine: A Song to Live By
BY Felicia Mitchell
Survivors tend to find ways to trick themselves into feeling better, from “Look Good Feel Better” to prayer. Singing in the shower (or bathtub) has helped me. What strategies have you designed?
Reflections From A Survivor Lucky Enough To Be There
BY Barbara Tako
Breast cancer and melanoma survivor comments on downsizing from a cancer survivor's perspective.
Comparing Male and Female Breast Cancer
Is male breast cancer more similar or dissimilar to breast cancer in women?
Accepting Cancer Results Gracefully
BY Bonnie Annis
Testing for breast cancer patients seems to be unending. Receiving the results can be nerve wracking but learning to accept results with with grace is powerful.
Addressing the Needs of Older Patients With Breast Cancer
BY Shannon Connelly
Individualized treatments are key for older patients with breast cancer, expert Arti Hurria, M.D. said.
Cancer Can't Rewrite the Story of Us
BY Khevin Barnes
What is the story you share with the world, and how has cancer changed it?
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