A week at the Oscars


I had the luxury of spending Oscar week in a flurry of activity and pre-Academy Awards events. Debbie Durkin's ECO Oscar gifting lounge was my first stop. YES hosted an exhibit and was able to deLIVER Hope to celebrities and guests who attended.

We talked about liver tumors and the information, resources and support that YES! Beat Liver Tumors offers and the fact that it is possible to live with, and not die from cancer. Cancer touches everyone and at each event I have been humbled, inspired and sometimes saddened by the myriad of cancer stories that are shared.

I was also able to shadow Pam Schmid at the prestigious Multicultural Motion Picture Awards luncheon. Pam and I became close friends several years ago at a LIVESTRONG Summit and I have been fortunate to live vicariously through some of her accomplishments. This was one.

We arrived at the beautiful Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills and proceeded upstairs where we were ushered into a VIP line and then into the ballroom where the step and repeat and red carpet were being held. There were cameras and press three people deep. I felt claustrophobic while Pam was in her element. She was immediately surrounded for interviews and then whisked onto the red carpet, where she talked about her book and posed for the crowd of media.

Her book "101 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer" has received high acclaim from experts, survivors and the lay public. It possesses a unique combination of facts and information that are woven together with story, bringing the information to life and giving direction to anyone who's life has been, or will be touched by cancer. You can find out more about her book or purchase a copy at

Pam and I joined invited guests for the afternoon including 2012 Oscar Nominees Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer, Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr., Academy Award Nominee Sally Kirkland, Actress Bai Ling, Producer Elaina Archer, Actress/Acting coach Bobbie Chance, Photographer/Filmmaker Kami Zargham McAdam and many 2012 Oscar Nominees and various celebrities that were on hand to support the young upcoming student filmmakers.

It was quite an honor to attend and heartwarming to see the impact that Pam made on all those present. No one could get enough of her story. She has met the challenge of metastatic breast cancer head on and given back each step of the way. Her journey with cancer and her desire to help others is nothing short of amazing. She inspires me to do more, to not give up and to make a difference. Thank you, Pam!!!

Next stop: Night of 100 Stars



Pam is truly an inspiration. Besides being a tireless advocate for cancer survivors, she radiates the gift of beauty and poise along with her common sense approach toward navigating what is such a daunting trail for so many. I am glad you were both able to go. So much inspiration in one room!
- Posted by Mellenee Finger 3/2/12 5:07 PM

Suzanne and Pam, I wish I could have been there. You are both such an inspiration to me.
- Posted by Tami Thennis 3/2/12 5:20 PM

Pam is an awesome lady. She is beautiful, warm, generous, kind and there just aren't enough words to express just how exceptional she is. Her book is an inspiration to anyone with breast cancer and also for family members of women with this disease. It has been my pleasure and an honor to meet this lady in person. Everyone should be so privileged. The world would be a better place with more people like Pam and Suzanne. From the bottom of my heart, Pam, I admire you, your strength and your courage.


Marsha Lindley
- Posted by Marsha Lindley 3/2/12 5:27 PM

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Pam, but from all accounts, she must be an amazing person. But you Suzanne, I do know, and YOU continue to amaze me in your tireless efforts of getting information to people about your YES organization and providing HOPE for thousands of people who have been touched by cancer. You are an inspiration to all those whose lives you have touched! Your energy and dedication are truly appreciated by thousands of those who have had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing your own story.
- Posted by Marlene Freeman 3/3/12 5:58 AM

Suzanne and Pam congrats... It won't be long until you BOTH are on the New Yorkers Best Sellers Pam you are truely an inpiration and a force of nature. Keep up the good work. Your talent is a glimmering star that can only get brighter. Suzanne wow... fantasic evening so happy you were able to share it with your dear friends.
- Posted by eoger slagle 3/3/12 11:41 AM

Thank you, Suzanne. I'm still learning to "live" with metastatic breast cancer but have you as a role model to keep living out loud! You are an inspiration to all of us, regardless of our cancer status... teaching us how to live each day. Thank you to everyone who has posted a comment. I am humbled and appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts. Much love-Pam
- Posted by Pam Schmid 3/5/12 8:16 AM


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