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Cancer Guide 2014

How to recognize normal reactions at diagnosis and know when help is needed 

Summer 2014

When trying to cope with peripheral neuropathy, sufferers could benefit from others’ success.

Spring 2014

The information gleaned from cancer biomarkers can be both a treasure chest and a Pandora’s box.


Supplement 2013

Concerns about insurance coverage should be addressed quickly.

Winter 2013

Scientists are learning how to outsmart and outwit treatment-resistant cancer cells.

Fall 2013

The evolution of cancer genomics and what it means to you.

Spring 2013

In the right cancer, radiation and chemotherapy can make a powerful duo. 

Spring Supplement 2013

As oral chemotherapy becomes more widely used, adherence issues increase.


Winter 2012

The road to long-term health begins with a survivorship care plan.

Fall 2012

Proton therapy works against some tumors, but whether it's best for prostate cancer is still unknown.

Summer 2012

HPV causes surge in oral cancer rates.

Spring 2012

In the search for carcinogens, competing interests can complicate and compromise the case.

Supplement 2012

Skin-related side effects can increase cancer expenses by almost $2,000.

Winter Supplement 2012

Reasons for Hope: Options are available to keep disease at bay.


Winter 2011

The latest advancements in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma.

Fall 2011

Are supplements and nutraceuticals during cancer treatment helpful or all hype?

Summer 2011

New therapies are enhancing melanoma treatment.

Spring 2011

New research helps clarify what chemobrain is and why it happens. 


Winter 2010

New options for advanced prostate cancer mean prolonged remission.

Fall 2010

New health care law may help cancer patients control costs & gain access to clinical trials.

Summer 2010

A wave of new treatments for chronic lymphocytic leukemia can help keep the disease at bay.

Spring 2010

What role does faith and spirituality play in the lives of cancer patients?

Winter Supplement 2010

Sentinel node biopsy reduces complications of breast surgery.


Fall 2009

What is multidisciplinary care, and where can patients get it? 

Summer 2009

The promise and reality of targeted cancer drugs.

Spring 2009

Changes to Medicare find patients and providers playing by new rules. 

Winter Supplement 2009

Six cancer survivors share their stories and their missions.

Fall Supplement 2009

When cancer treatment ends, the period of transition brings new exploration into how cancer has affected you both physically and emotionally.  ...


Winter 2008

Flipping cancer's "off" switch.

Special Issue 2008

Cancer research pushes forward as scientists find creative ways to attack cancer.

Fall 2008

New research and tools illuminate the multiple treatment paths faced by patients with early-stage invasive breast cancer.

Summer 2008

Childhood cancer garners sympathy from all, but drug development from few.

Spring 2008

Palliative care is catching on in centers across the country, improving quality of life for patients along the way.


Winter 2007

Proactive strategy has patients taking preventive steps to protect their bones during therapy.

Fall 2007

Are breast cancer rates dropping because of the HRT decline, or are other factors at work?

Summer 2007

What's to blame for lung cancer in people who never smoked, and what that means for treatment and survival.

Spring 2007

How and if to alter cancer treatment in older people with cancer.


Winter 2006

Escalating cancer drug costs trigger concerns about access for patients.

Fall 2006

Status of noninvasive breast cancer gets some clarity. 

Special Issue 2006

Survivor first and cyclist second, Lance Armstrong takes on cancer.

Summer 2006

From sea to soil, nature spurs cancer drug development.

Spring 2006

Advanced treatments take form for a notoriously hard-to-beat cancer.