Expert Discusses Keytruda's Future in Lung Cancer
BY Allie Strickler
Roy Herbst, M.D., Ph.D., spoke with CURE about the future of Keytruda, and immunotherapy in general, to treat lung cancer.
Frontline Keytruda Gains Priority Review for Lung Cancer
BY Silas Inman
A Keytruda was recently granted a  priority review to a supplemental biologics license application to treat patients with metastatic or advanced non-small cell lung cancer. 
Stigma and Lung Cancer
BY CURE staff
An article recently published in a special issue of CURE focused on lung cancer, “Quitting Smoking Is Possible and Reduces Cancer Risk,” has generated discussion on social media and in our Discussion Forum.
Expert Discusses Targetable Mutations and New Agents in Lung Cancer
BY Gina Columbus
New advancements are quickly advancing the treatment landscape of lung cancer.
Caregivers: The
BY Brielle Urciuoli
It is important that caregivers for patients with lung cancer take care of themselves and ask for help when needed. This will ultimately make them better able to care for their loved ones.
Liquid Biopsies Are Important in Lung Cancer, Expert Says
BY Gina Columbus
Liquid biopsies are quick, convenient and a crucial part of planning treatment for many patients with lung cancer, says Luis E. Raez, M.D.
Exploring Immunotherapy's Role in Osteosarcoma
BY Shannon Connelly
Immunotherapy may be a promising option for patients with osteosarcoma, Nancy Gordon, M.D., says. 
Five Questions With an Immunotherapy Expert
BY Katie Kosko
CURE spoke with Jason Luke, M.D., about some of the pressing topics in the field of immunotherapy.
Challenges in Treating Lung Adenocarcinoma
BY Gina Columbus
Mohammad Jahanzeb, M.D. discussed the challenges in treating non-driver lung adenocarcinoma. 
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