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Prostate Cancer Awareness
Receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be frightening and confusing. Understanding the details of your specific cancer and how they relate to your prognosis and treatment planning is an important first step toward shared decision-making between you and your physicians. In these CURE Connections programs you will learn the meaning of the PSA test, prostate cancer staging and grading, and how these factors are used to determine which treatment approach is right for you. Management of prostate cancer related symptoms, available treatments, and how to deal with side effects are also discussed. In addition, you will hear from patients and caregivers about their personal experiences with prostate cancer.
Patient Anxiety Influences Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions
BY Ellie Leick
A team of researchers at the University of Buffalo investigated the role that patients' stress and anxiety plays in deciding on treatment. 
Chemotherapy Remains a Mainstay in Advanced Prostate Cancer
BY Danielle Bucco
Chemotherapy agents such as docetaxel will remain a crucial part of treating patients with advanced prostate cancer, says William Oh, M.D.
Looking Ahead: Xofigo's Role in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
BY Gina Columbus
Xofigo's role in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer will continue to change. 
No Increase in Skeletal-Related Events With Less Frequent Use of Zoledronic Acid
BY Ellie Leick
When zoledronic acid use happens less frequently, patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer or multiple myeloma with bone metastases did not see an increase in skeletal-related events.
Using All the Arrows in Your Quiver to Fight Cancer
When cancer strikes, we all have weapons at hand with which to fight.
Triplet Does Not Improve Survival in Prostate Cancer
BY Jason M. Broderick
Adding Xtandi to Zytiga and prednisone did not improve progression-free survival for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, according to a recent study.
Ben Stiller Urges Men to Learn About PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer
BY Beth Fand Incollingo
Ben Stiller is taking a stance in the debate over PSA screening.
Hallucinogenic Agent May Ease Cancer-Related Anxiety, Recent Study Says
BY Allie Casey
Psilocybin, a component found in psychedelic mushrooms, reduced cancer-related anxiety and depression in a recent trial.
Leveling the Playing Field for LGBT Patients
BY Beth Fand Incollingo
The National LGBT Cancer Network is making cancer screenings more available to a high-risk, underserved population.
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