Linda Baughn

From the Lab to the Mountainside

August 22, 2021

Patients with multiple myeloma often have a health care team composed of physicians, caregivers, nurses, pharmacists, pathologists and many other professionals. I represent a member of the clinical laboratory genomics team, working in the background to characterize the genomic abnormalities of the multiple myeloma clone. The goal of the laboratory geneticist is to communicate to the health care team the prognostic and therapeutic significance of the genomic abnormalities that are identified. Although my role as a laboratory geneticist does not include direct patient interaction, I strive to provide the best quality genomic characterization to each patient. In addition, I also strive to develop newer and improved genomic tests that can be offered to patients now and in the future.

As I pack for my first MMRF Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma adventure, I am thinking about the new friends I will make and what I will learn as I hike alongside patients with myeloma and caregivers. To be able to participate in this type of physical and mental adventure is a tremendous gift and privilege. I am confident I will bring back to the lab to share with my colleagues an extremely meaningful experience that will provide a unique value and purpose to my work as geneticist.

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