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“These results further support our efforts to reimagine medicine in this incurable malignancy and reach this underserved patient population, who are historically burdened with several years of various treatments,” said Dr. John Tsai.
Conor Killmurray
Clinicians tend to avoid placing patients on phase 1 trials unless necessary. However, new research shows that enrollment in phase 1 trials could be beneficial for patients with advanced ovarian cancer.
Ryan McDonald
“This study comes from a very honest place. Because I want all patients out there with lung cancer to feel empowered to ask their doctor because they don't have to suffer in silence,” said Dr. Narjust Duma.


William Ramshaw
My care team and I are focused on keeping me alive. And learning to lead them, especially with me having limited medical knowledge, has been essential to helping them keep me alive.
Bonnie Annis
After a traumatic event, such as breast cancer, it's important for a person to self-monitor. Feelings of anxiety or depression can be debilitating, but there's no reason to suffer in silence.
Doris Cardwell
That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is familiar to those who have heard the words "you have cancer". Telling someone not to worry post treatment can be like telling them to not breathe. Listening is more productive than telling survivors not to worry.

CURE Connections®

Following a discussion on where to find reliable information on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and treatment, participants share their closing thoughts.
Participants highlight the importance of proper support and communication while receiving therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).
Considerations for what happens when a patient progresses with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


Jessica Skarzynski
Prostate cancer treatments can cause side effects in a part of the body that might be unexpected— the heart. Here's how one expert believes patients can mitigate them. 
Dr. Huma Q. Rana
Genetic testing is proving itself to be a vital tool in treating patients with prostate cancer, but educating men on it’s importance also needs to take priority.


Jessica Skarzynski
In this week’s episode of the CURE Talks Cancer podcast, oncology dietitian Rachel Wong shares some insight into the dietary modifications patients with cancer can make to ensure they maintain their nutrition and stay healthy through their treatment and beyond.

Jessica Skarzynski
In this week’s episode of the CURE Talks Cancer podcast, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan opens up about what it was like to go through cancer not once but twice, and why he considers every day a gift.
Ryan McDonald and Jessica Skarzynski
In this week’s episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with Monica Bryant, chief operating officer of Triage Cancer, about the rights patients with cancer have when it comes to the workplace.


Jessica Skarzynski
This healthy faux-ice cream recipe from the oncology dietitians at the John Theurer Cancer Center will be sure to provide our readers with some much-needed relief from the summer heat.
Jessica Skarzynski
Tired of boring “greens and veggie” salads? This slightly sweet and slightly savory Sweet Potato Salad recipe from the oncology dietitians at the John Theurer Cancer Center pairs well with any main course and can be prepared in no time at all – because it only contains only five ingredients!
Jessica Skarzynski
CURE®’s summer recipe series continues with a simple three bean vegetable chili recipe that's loaded with protein and fiber.

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