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Which Mask is Best for Protecting Patients With Cancer From a COVID-19 Variant?

September 27th 2021, 9:00pm

By Brielle Benyon


An expert explains virus mutations, the Delta variant of COVID-19 and which masks offer the best protection for patients with cancer.

It’s Not Laziness, It’s Chemo Fatigue

September 27th 2021, 7:00pm

By Michelle Velez


Chemotherapy-related fatigue is a real and often debilitating side effect from cancer treatment.

How to Live With Lynch Syndrome: There Is Hope

September 27th 2021, 5:00pm

By Georgia Hurst


A woman explains how her Lynch syndrome diagnosis altered the way she lives her life, and shares advice for others on how to shift their priorities while maintaining positivity and hope.

Treatment Combination Breaks the '5-Year Ceiling' in Metastatic Breast Cancer

September 27th 2021, 3:00pm

By Colleen Moretti


The combination is the first in advanced or metastatic breast cancer to have a survival benefit extending over five years.

Some Areas Lag Behind in Decreasing Lung Cancer Death Rates

September 27th 2021, 1:00pm

By Antonia DePace


Geographic disparities at the state-level are leading to increased rates of death from lung cancer, according to an expert.

Do I Have Ovarian Cancer? Understanding the Early Signs, Detection and Treatment

September 26th 2021, 6:00pm

By Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology


Learn more about the symptoms, risk factors and treatment options for ovarian cancer.

Compassion and Courage Define Cancer Nurses

September 26th 2021, 3:00pm

By LaVerne Griffiths


A cancer nurse focuses on alleviating or reducing the anxiety patients often feel when undergoing cancer treatment.

Here's Why Collaboration Is Important for Progress in Genitourinary Cancers

September 26th 2021, 2:00pm

By Debu Tripathy, M.D.


It is important that the whole community understand that basic research and clinical trials can continue to improve outcomes for patients with genitourinary cancer.

A Patient With Cancer Thanks Her Brilliant Doctors and Nurses

September 25th 2021, 6:00pm

By Julie S. Brokaw


A woman writes a poem to thank the doctors and nurses who treated her ovarian cancer and changed her life.

Navigating a Daunting Cancer Landscape With an Oncology Nurse

September 25th 2021, 3:00pm

By Francieska Boyko


One patient describes her nurse navigator as one she could turn to at a time when she was receiving cancer treatment away from home.

Inside the Shifting Treatment Landscape for Advanced Genitourinary Cancers

September 25th 2021, 2:00pm

By Mike Hennessy, Sr.


In this special issue of CURE®, we spoke with patients and health care providers about fertility issues, treatment advancements and other topics related to kidney, prostate, testicular and bladder cancers.

First Patient With Lung Cancer Treated in Phase 2b Tomivosertib Trial

September 24th 2021, 11:00pm

By Jamie Cesanek


The first patient was treated in the phase 2b KICKSTART trial testing the safety and efficacy of tomivosertib in combination with Keytruda.

Patients with Liver Cancer and Hepatitis or HIV May Face Higher Mortality Rates

September 24th 2021, 9:00pm

By Antonia DePace


Results from the study highlight the need to organize better screening and treatment plans for patients with liver cancer coinfected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV.

Move Over 'Scanxiety,' There’s a New Cancer-Related Anxiety in Town!

September 24th 2021, 7:00pm

By Ron Cooper


A cancer survivor explains how mental stress related to cancer and the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his nutritional habits.

The Devastating Experience of Finding Out Your Child Has a Rare Cancer: Part 2

September 24th 2021, 5:00pm

By Jamie Cesanek


It is vital to find support when your child has cancer. In this two-part episode of the “CURE® Talks Cancer” podcast, a family shares how they were able to remain strong as their 9-year-old was treated for neuroendocrine cancer.