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FDA to Expedite Review of Novel Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Drug

November 23rd 2022

The Food and Drug Administration granted a priority review to epcoritamab for certain patients with large B-cell lymphoma, an aggressive type of blood cancer.

FDA Approves Adcetris Plus Chemotherapy for Children With High-Risk Hodgkin Lymphoma

November 10th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration approved Adcetris plus chemotherapy for pediatric patients with classical high-risk Hodgkin lymphoma.

Clinical Trial Kicks Off Evaluating a New Drug for a Group of Solid Cancers

November 4th 2022

A novel drug, MRT-2359, will be studied in a phase 1/2 trial for patients with MYC-driven cancers.

Liquid Biopsies May Identify Risk for Blood Cancers and Personalize Care for Patients With Solid Tumors

November 2nd 2022

Compared with tissue biopsies, liquid biopsies performed with blood samples may inform cancer teams of a patient’s increased risk for blood cancers, although all patients may not have this risk.

Can Baking Bread Be Cancer Therapy?

November 1st 2022

I made a point to continue baking a weekly challah bread after I was diagnosed with blood cancer, and it proved to be therapeutic.

Lower Radiation Dose Spares Patients From Experiencing Side Effects Without Compromising Outcomes in Rare Lymphoma

October 27th 2022

Patients with orbital indolent B-cell lymphoma, a rare type of blood cancer, may be able to have fewer side effects and less cancer treatment costs by undergoing a lower dose of radiation that still has similar responses to the standard.

My Oncologist Gave Me Hope

October 22nd 2022

After being diagnosed with lymphoma, I scheduled consultations with three oncologists, but only one provided me with the hope I needed.

Blink-182 Bassist to Include Lymphoma Diagnosis in His Book, Hall-of-Fame Pitcher Bruce Sutter Dies of Cancer and More

October 21st 2022

From Blink-182’s bassist Mark Hoppus discussing his cancer experience in an upcoming book to Bruce Sutter, a Hall-of-Fame pitcher and Cy Young winner, dying of the disease, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

First Patient Receives Investigational CAR-T Cell Therapy in Trial Assessing the Treatment for Lymphoma, Leukemia

October 14th 2022

Investigators of an expanded clinical trial have administered an investigational CAR-T cell therapy to the first patient with blood cancer.

Clinician Collaboration Aims to Improve Access to CAR-T Cell Therapy for Patients With Cancer

October 13th 2022

The CAR T Together initiative is geared toward improving the development of allogeneic CAR-T cell therapies for patients with cancer.

‘Chicago Med’ Actress Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Phillies Dollar Hot Dog Night Leads to a Cancer Diagnosis and More

September 30th 2022

From “Chicago Med” actress Marlyne Barrett announcing her gynecologic cancer diagnosis to a New York City-based news team walking in honor of their former news director who died of glioblastoma, a form of brain and spinal cord cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Blood Test Results May Offer Clues to Neurotoxicity Risk After CAR-T Cell Therapy in Cancer

September 22nd 2022

Patients with blood cancer who have higher levels of neurofilament light chains — which indicate brain injury — were found to be more likely to develop neurotoxicity after CAR-T cell therapy, according to recent research.

Oct. 12: As I Approach My ‘Cancerversary,’ I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

September 22nd 2022

I used to love October, but after being diagnosed with cancer on Oct. 12 — twice — I dread the month.

FDA Issues Statement on New Cases of Rare Breast Implant-Related Cancers

September 9th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration issued a statement about the incidence of new cases of rare cancers that have occurred in the scar tissue around breast implants.

Jane Fonda Announces Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis

September 3rd 2022

Actress Jane Fonda announced that she has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and will be receiving chemotherapy to treat the blood cancer.

Revlimid-Rituxan Combo May Offer Alternative to Chemotherapy for Lymphoma Subtype

August 22nd 2022

The combination treatment demonstrated survival and safety results similar to those of chemotherapy for patients with advanced, untreated follicular lymphoma.

FDA Lifts Partial Hold on Trial Investigating Emavusertib in Lymphoma

August 19th 2022

The FDA has allowed the manufacturer of emavusertib to continue a phase 1/2 study investigating effects of the treatment in patients with lymphoma.

ESPN Analyst Dick Vitale Announces He is Cancer-Free, WHO Deems Firefighting a Cancer-Causing Profession and More

August 19th 2022

From ESPN analyst Dick Vitale announcing he is cancer-free months following a lymphoma diagnosis to a Speedo-clad race in South Africa to raise awareness for cancer, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

First Patient Receives Treatment With Investigational CAR-T Cell Therapy-Opdivo Combo for Hodgkin Lymphoma

August 18th 2022

A representative of the company developing the investigational CAR-T cell therapy noted that they hypothesize that the combination “has the potential to further enhance efficacy and provide patients with a chemotherapy-sparing, second-line treatment option.”

FDA Approves Tablet Version of Calquence to Treat Multiple Blood Cancers

August 5th 2022

The tablet version of Calquence, which was approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocytic leukemia and relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma, may be taken alongside other drugs to reduce gastric-related side effects.

Does My Cancer Give Me a Pass at Patience?

August 4th 2022

When my grandmother passed, I noticed my aunt was ruder than usual, and I wondered if I was like that during my cancer experience... and if the pain I was going through excused that behavior.

Dick Vitale Receives Jimmy V Award, Cancer Survivor Will Use Golf Scholarship to Study Medicine and More

July 22nd 2022

From Dick Vitale receiving the Jimmy V Award at the 2022 ESPYs to a former triathlon champion opening up about his cancer experience, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

FDA to Speed Up Review of Novel CAR-T Cell Therapy for Rare Forms of Lymphoma and Leukemia

July 19th 2022

A first-in-human trial is investigating the safety and efficacy of the novel CAR-T cell therapy in patients relapsed or refractory T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma.

Early-Phase Trial Assessing Novel CAR-T Cell Therapy in a Type of Blood Cancer Terminated

July 12th 2022

The manufacturer of the novel CAR-T cell therapy announced it terminated an early-phase trial investigating the treatment’s efficacy after there was a lack of benefit in patients with relapsed or refractory T-cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

FDA’s Approval of Breyanzi Gives Some Patients With Lymphoma a ‘Life-Saving Therapy', Says Expert

July 8th 2022

The FDA approval of Breyanzi, a novel CAR-T cell therapy, provides many patients with lymphoma a new treatment option that can be used earlier in the course of their disease, according to an expert.

FDA Approves Breyanzi for Previously Treated Large B-Cell Lymphoma

June 27th 2022

The FDA approval of Breyanzi, a CAR-T cell therapy, offers patients with relapsed/refractory lymphoma the opportunity for long-term remission, and hope for a cure, one expert said.

Robin Roberts Provides an Update on Her Partner’s Cancer, Supreme Court Rejects Bayer’s Roundup Appeals and More

June 24th 2022

From Robin Roberts’ personal message about her partner, Amber Laign’s cancer, to a dancing group inspired by an “America’s Got Talent” contestant who died of cancer, here’s what is happening in the cancer space this week.

FDA Approves Kymriah for Relapsed/Refractory Follicular Lymphoma

May 31st 2022

Kymriah, a CAR-T cell therapy, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of patients with pretreated, relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma.

Chemotherapy Hair Hacks: From Lint Rollers to Duct Tape

May 24th 2022

Losing my hair due to cancer treatment was mentally and physically painful, but I learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

My Experiences With My Cancer Support Systems Were Unfortunate

May 19th 2022

When you put your feelings out there in cancer support groups — be it in-person or virtual — you’re opening your ideas up to others’ interpretation, and some might not like what you have to say.