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Tennis Player Chris Everet Is Cancer-Free, Duran Duran Guitarist Discusses His Disease and More

January 20th 2023

From Tennis star Chris Evert’s cancer-free status to Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor talking about his prostate cancer, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Relaxation Techniques, Acupuncture May Reduce Pain, Anxiety After Gynecologic Cancer Surgery

January 19th 2023

Patients undergoing surgery for gynecologic cancer may benefit from acupressure, acupuncture and other relaxation techniques regarding pain relief and a reduction in anxiety.

Beta-Blockers May Improve Post-Surgical Survival in Women With Ovarian Cancer, Heart Conditions

January 18th 2023

Women who were taking beta-blockers, a medicine to treat heart conditions like high blood pressure, among others, near the time of surgery for epithelial ovarian cancer may confer a survival benefit years after undergoing a procedure.

First Patient Receives Keytruda Combination in Ovarian Cancer Trial

January 6th 2023

Investigators have administered Keytruda and ONC-392 the first patients with platinum resistant ovarian cancer.

Leaving Cancer Worry and Fear in the Rearview Mirror in 2023

January 5th 2023

In 2023, instead of looking over my shoulder to see how cancer has invaded every aspect of my life, I’m vowing to face forward. No fear. No uncertainty. No what-ifs.

Three-Drug Regimen Boosts Outcomes in HPV-Related Cancers

January 4th 2023

A novel three-drug combination bested standard-of-care regimens for patients with human papillomavirus-related cancers, according to phase 2 study results.

Jemperli Plus Chemotherapy Shows Promise for Endometrial Cancer Treatment

December 17th 2022

This is the only first-line trial to show benefit with immuno-oncology plus chemotherapy in patients with advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer.

Bare Heads and Hearts: Shaving My Hair During Chemo Made Me Feel Free

December 16th 2022

In my cousin Barbara’s salon, a group of fellow Black women helped boost my confidence as I shaved my head after being diagnosed with cancer.

'In Sickness and in Health:’ My Cancer Diagnosis Tested Our Wedding Vows

November 30th 2022

After being diagnosed with cancer, an amazing posse of loved ones formed around me, but perhaps nobody was as helpful as my loving husband.

Cancer Survivor Waits 36 Hours to Meet Houston Astros Player, Armie Hammer’s Father Dies of Cancer and More

November 25th 2022

From a uterine cancer survivor camping out in front of a store to meet the Astros’ Jose Altuve to Michael Armand Hammer’s death from cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

FDA Approval of Elahere Represents a ‘Step Forward’ for Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer Subset

November 22nd 2022

One expert said that the FDA approval of the antibody-drug conjugate Elahere represents a new treatment option for patients with folate receptor alpha-positive, platinum resistant ovarian cancer.

FDA Approves Elahere for Platinum-Resistant Gynecologic Cancers

November 15th 2022

The FDA approved Elahere for patients with pretreated, folate receptor alpha (FRα)-positive platinum-resistant gynecological cancers

This Holiday Season, I’m Thankful for Clear Cancer Scans, Though Others Aren’t So Lucky

November 11th 2022

I have many things to be thankful for regarding my ovarian cancer: from my recent CT scan results to an excellent oncology team.

Boundaries Are Essential for Happy Holidays During Cancer

November 9th 2022

The thought of hosting family for a week in the middle of cancer treatment made me anxious, so I set a boundary — and felt much better after the fact.

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Cancer

November 1st 2022

When comparing my experiences with those who came before me, I’m happy to realize that cancer treatments have gotten better and there are more Black leaders in the medical community.

Lifestyle Changes and Non-Estrogen-Based Therapies May Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms in Women With Cancer

October 27th 2022

Women who face menopause after a cancer diagnosis may be able to manage their symptoms without relying on estrogen-based therapies, although discussing this with a cancer team will help patients find what’s best for them.

Cancer Was a Rallying Cry for My Family

October 26th 2022

I knew my family was close, but it wasn’t until my mom was diagnosed that I realized how bonded we truly were.

What It’s Like to Navigate Vaginal Cancer, a Rare Type of Gynecological Cancer

October 24th 2022

Vaginal cancer is amongst the rarest of gynecologic cancer, it is important those patients with a rare cancer advocate for themselves and find doctors who are experts in treating it.

Blink-182 Bassist to Include Lymphoma Diagnosis in His Book, Hall-of-Fame Pitcher Bruce Sutter Dies of Cancer and More

October 21st 2022

From Blink-182’s bassist Mark Hoppus discussing his cancer experience in an upcoming book to Bruce Sutter, a Hall-of-Fame pitcher and Cy Young winner, dying of the disease, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Trial to Investigate if a Novel Drug Can Foster Keytruda Effectiveness in Solid Cancers

October 11th 2022

NC410 plus Keytruda will be studied in a phase 1b/2 trial for patients with certain solid cancers that either did not respond to or have not been treated with an immunotherapy agent.

I’m Seeking Balance Between Toxic Positivity and Negative Vibes About Cancer

October 6th 2022

The truth is I stagger back and forth between the two camps — tell it like it is or walking on sunshine. It depends on the day, my treatment regimen, the lab or scan results, the losses and the gains.

My Body Was Hijacked by Cancer, So I Must ‘Dig in Deep and Fight’

October 4th 2022

My healthy body was hijacked by an enemy (ovarian cancer) launching my continuous fight against the disease.

‘Chicago Med’ Actress Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Phillies Dollar Hot Dog Night Leads to a Cancer Diagnosis and More

September 30th 2022

From “Chicago Med” actress Marlyne Barrett announcing her gynecologic cancer diagnosis to a New York City-based news team walking in honor of their former news director who died of glioblastoma, a form of brain and spinal cord cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

FDA Approves Avastin Biosimilar to Treat Six Diseases Including Certain Colon, Lung, Kidney Cancers

September 28th 2022

The FDA’s approval of Vegzelma was based on data that demonstrated the biosimilar elicited comparable safety and efficacy to Avastin in several studies.

Phase 3 Trial to Study an Immunochemotherapy Regimen in Platinum-Resistant/Refractory Ovarian Cancer

September 26th 2022

The OnPrime trial will investigate if adding Olvi-Vec, a modified virus, to chemotherapy and Avastin will improve outcomes for pretreated platinum-resistant or refractory ovarian cancer.

Moving the Needle for Maintenance Cancer Treatment

September 22nd 2022

Maintenance therapy helps deter undetectable cancer that may exist after initial treatment.

Second-Line Treatment With Libtayo May Improve Long-Term Survival in Subset of Patients With Cervical Cancer

September 14th 2022

Treatment with Libtayo may improve survival over a 30-month period with no new side effects in patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer, opening the doors for an immunotherapy option for these patients.

Lenvima Plus Keytruda Bests Chemotherapy for Advanced Endometrial Cancer

September 12th 2022

Lenvima plus Keytruda improved survival outcomes for patients with pretreated advanced endometrial cancer, according to recent clinical trial data.

Rubraca Staves Off Disease Progression Better Than Chemotherapy in BRCA-Mutant Relapsed Ovarian Cancer, Research Shows

September 9th 2022

Rubraca improved progression-free survival in patients with BRCA1/2-mutant, platinum-sensitive, relapsed ovarian cancer, according to findings from the ARIEL4 clinical trial.

Cervical Cancer Survivor Donates Embryos to Fellow Survivor to Help Fulfill Dream of Motherhood

August 25th 2022

Cervical cancer survivor Ginny Marable heard about a story of a fellow cervical cancer survivor, Tamika Felder, not being able to preserve her fertility. The story moved Marable so much that she and her husband donated their embryos to Felder.