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Image of a woman receiving radiation therapy.
Focused Radiation Is Safe, Effective for Metastatic Gynecologic Cancer

July 22nd 2024

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy led to promising disease control in patients with metastatic gynecologic cancers, research showed.

Image of a caregiver pushing a patient in a wheelchair.
Poems About My Time as My Wife’s Caregiver During Cancer

July 14th 2024

Image of three emotions, with the smiley face in yellow.
My Lifeline of Support During Treatment for Endometrial Cancer

July 8th 2024

Image of a person holding the word "hope" with the ovarian cancer ribbon.
My 'Pillars of Support' During Ovarian Cancer

July 5th 2024

Image of FDA approval, what you need to know.
Expert Talks Differences Between Recent FDA-Approved Endometrial Cancer Therapies

July 2nd 2024

Video Interviews
Last week, the FDA provided updates on two cancer therapies. In this episode, we discuss those decisions and more.

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