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Friday Frontline: Snowman Challenge Raises Money for Families Affected By Pediatric Cancer, Advocacy Groups Join Together to Create a Cancer Bill of Rights, And More

February 5th 2021, 4:00pm


From a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit taking advantage of recent blizzards to help local families in need to the creation of a “Cancer Bill of Rights”, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

How Oncology Nurses Are Competent, Compassionate And Selfless

November 7th 2020, 3:00pm


Working in the pediatric oncology field requires a special touch, one full of compassion and selflessness. Traits that oncology nurses have in spades.

RACE for Children Act to 'Level the Playing Field for Kids' with Cancer

November 4th 2020, 7:00pm


The RACE for Children Act will create more clinical trial options for young patients with cancer and, ultimately, more pediatric oncology drugs.

Study Shows Affordable Care Act Provision Helped Young Adult Cancer Survivors Remain on Insurance Longer

October 26th 2020, 9:00pm


The dependent coverage provision in the Affordable Care Act has helped adolescent and young adult patients with cancer stay on health insurance longer than those who had cancer before the ACA was signed into law.

‘You Never Know When Things Could Change in an Instant’ Says Pediatric Cancer Survivor

October 7th 2020, 9:00pm


In an interview with CURE®, Emily Whitehead details her journey as a pediatric cancer survivor and how you won’t be able to predict it.

Coping With Pediatric Cancer in the Time of COVID

October 1st 2020, 3:00pm


On this week’s episode of the “CURE® Talks Cancer” podcast, pediatric cancer patient Jelena and mom Andrea join us to talk about what it was like facing cancer and a pandemic at the same time, and how they were excited to partner with St. Baldrick’s to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

The ABC’s of Pediatric Cancer

September 24th 2020, 3:00pm


In this week’s episode of the CURE® Talks Cancer podcast, we chat with Dr. Tanja Gruber, the chief of pediatric hematology, oncology and stem cell transplantation at Stanford Children’s Health, about how pediatric cancer treatment is evolving thanks to advances in treatments like immunotherapy, and what parents should do after their child receives a diagnosis.

Coming of Age: New Research Efforts are Improving Treatment of Childhood Blood Cancers

September 23rd 2020, 6:00pm


For years, childhood blood cancers were understudied forcing patients’ treatments into a one size-fits-all approach. But new efforts are changing that.

Never Ever Give Up: Dick Vitale's Passion for Fighting Pediatric Cancer

July 22nd 2020, 10:00pm


The V Foundation is set to host its annual Dick Vitale Gala on Sept. 4, 2020, virtually, to help raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer.

Algorithm Matches Pediatric Patients with Cancer to Precision Medicines

May 29th 2020, 6:00pm


Utilizing data from the INFORM registry, researchers were able to identify key biologic targets in pediatric patients with cancer utilizing an algorithm that matched them to targeted treatments with promising results.