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CURE’s childhood cancers page is a go-to resource for oncology news and updates in the world of childhood cancers Here, readers will find cancer articles, videos, podcasts, and more with expert insight into the latest treatments and research in childhood cancers.

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Augtyro Approved in NTRK-Positive Cancers, Pediatric Research Continues

July 4th 2024

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Augtyro for the treatment of patients ages 12 and older with solid tumors harboring an NTRK gene fusion.

FDA Approves Retevmo for Some Adults and Children With Thyroid Cancer
FDA Approves Retevmo for Some Adults and Children With Thyroid Cancer

June 12th 2024

FDA Approval: developing story
FDA Approves Retevmo for RET-Positive Pediatric Cancers

May 29th 2024

Cure Pediatric Cancer
Cure Pediatric Cancer

May 29th 2024

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Ojemda Preserves Quality of Life, Limits Cognitive Effects in Low-Grade Glioma

May 8th 2024

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Rabbi G teaches a breathing exercise to manage cancer-related pain
Megan Piotrowicz
The Chong family. From left to right: Eugenia, Florence, Truman, Rich.
The ABC’s of Pediatric Cancer

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