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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
To share your story, submit it via a Word document to for your chance to have your story highlighted here, and please be sure to include "Share Your Story" in the subject line.
CURE® accepts submissions of personal essays from readers relating to their own cancer experience. Submission of your work to CURE® does not guarantee publication. CURE® does not offer compensation for general submissions.
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Check out the prompts below and choose the question that resonates most with you.

  • What unexpected lesson(s) did cancer teach you?
  • What is one thing you wish friends and family knew about your cancer diagnosis?
  • Share the story of your diagnosis — how does what you feel then differ from how you feel now?

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Your Recent Stories

My Mastectomy Results Were Not What I Expected

March 23rd 2023

Choosing to get a mastectomy was a difficult decision to make, but then the pathology results came back indicating a second cancer.

My Cancer Diagnosis Connected Me With My Culture

March 22nd 2023

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I learned more about the disparities that Black women with the disease face.

Finding Gratitude in My Myeloma Experience

March 20th 2023

I’m more than six years out from my myeloma diagnosis and realized that I’m capable of more than just surviving.

Friends Supported Me Through Cancer With Air Hugs, Prayers and Quality Time

March 17th 2023

Many well-meaning people wanted to hug me after hearing of my rectal cancer diagnosis, but I’m not a very touchy person. So, loved ones supported me in other ways.

My 4-Year-Old Taught Me to Live with My Heart as Well as My Head During Cancer

March 16th 2023

Even after my son survived cancer, I still had fears — and nightmares — of the worst.

Group Cancer Therapy Turned Panic Into Gratitude

March 15th 2023

My cancer support group was as important to my cure and healing as my oncologist and surgeon.

The Meaning of Mindfulness During Cancer

March 14th 2023

When mindfulness was first recommended when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, I scoffed. But now, years later, I know how important a tool it can be.

I Use My Cancer Diagnosis to Help Others

March 13th 2023

When I share my story and use my cancer diagnosis to help others, cancer becomes a “club” that’s a little more inviting.

An Ode to My Daughter During My Cancer Experience

March 12th 2023

My daughter continues to be there for me throughout my cancer experience, even on my most difficult days.

My Breast Cancer Support Group Offered Me Advice, Camaraderie

March 10th 2023

My major source of support throughout my journey was our local breast cancer support group.

My Care Team Got My Through My Breast Cancer Experience

March 9th 2023

Thanks to an amazing care team, I got through my breast cancer with little worry.

'Ugly Blessings’ and Blooming From Cancer’s Lessons

March 8th 2023

After being diagnosed with a rare cancer, I met some amazing people and have a new appreciation for life.

Cancer Helped Me Acknowledge and Appreciate My Dual Identity

March 7th 2023

As a doctor, I’m used to providing medical care, but once I was diagnosed with cancer, I became a patient — someone receiving medical care, too.

Dealing With Life-Changing Cancer My Own Way

March 5th 2023

When I sit down with my paint brush, despite my cancer history, I don’t feel different anymore.

Laughing in Silence and Stillness During Cancer

March 2nd 2023

Laughter helped me get through many of cancer’s uncomfortable situations, including a recent MRI, where I was laughing despite not being able to move.

I Was Unprepared for the Emotional Toll of Cancer

February 28th 2023

After I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and told I needed a colectomy, I knew I’d face physical and financial difficulties after the surgery, but I did not anticipate the emotional toll of my diagnosis.

I Wish I Advocated More When Doctors Told Me I Didn’t Have Cancer

February 27th 2023

On multiple occasions, doctors told me not to worry, but I ended up being diagnosed with a rare cancer called leiomyosarcoma.

An Unexpected Lesson from Cancer

February 26th 2023

The best of humanity met me at the worst time of my life when I found “my people” after receiving a stage 4 colorectal cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Talk

February 21st 2023

We cancer survivors are complicated — not more complicated than others who have faced their mortality head-on, but there’s a certain bucket we get put in when we let others know about our diagnoses.

I Wish I Was Told Everything That May Happen While Undergoing Cancer Treatment

February 20th 2023

Chemotherapy affected my brain in ways that I was never told about.

I Promised One Happy Thing a Day During Cancer Treatment

February 16th 2023

Surprisingly, there were many reasons to be happy, even throughout my difficult cancer treatments, and I have some awesome memories.

Life Lessons of a Young Cancer Widow

February 15th 2023

Cancer robbed our family of more time with my husband. In the years since his death, this is what I’ve learned on grieving, life, dating and the fear of letting go.

We Are All Unique in Our Experiences With Cancer

February 7th 2023

As a health care provider who specializes in lymphedema, I had a unique perspective when I was diagnosed with cancer.

How Cancer Saved Me

February 2nd 2023

While cancer is a horrible disease, it taught me some valuable lessons.

As Rare Disease Day Approaches, I’m Reflecting on My MPN Diagnosis

January 28th 2023

I was shocked when I was diagnosed with a myeloproliferative neoplasm, and have dedicated myself to learning about the disease since.

Is There a Scale for Cancer Survivorship?

January 26th 2023

My cancer was caught early, and I never had to have chemotherapy — leading me experience survivor’s guilt and ask, “can I even call myself a survivor?”

Cancer Is Like a Race, and I’m Determined to Win

January 25th 2023

Cancer — and its treatments — can feel like a grueling race, but I’m using frequent follow-ups and an excellent care team to stay ahead of the game.

Wondering ‘Why Me’ After a Cancer Diagnosis

January 23rd 2023

I exercised and ate healthy, yet still received a cancer diagnosis, leaving me wondering, “why me?”

Everyone Thought I’d Be ‘Better’ After Cancer Treatment, But I Still Struggle

January 4th 2023

Now that I’m six years out of my breast cancer treatment, people assume that I’m better and lack empathy. However, my anxiety is still high.

Living Life Between Cancer Appointments

December 26th 2022

When cancer entered our life, fear was a constant. However, we tried to live as joyously as possible between check-ups.