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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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Your Recent Stories

9 Essentials to Bring to Chemotherapy

November 20th 2022

After going through 14 rounds of chemotherapy to treat triple-negative breast cancer, I made a list of nine items I’m happy I had with me in the chemo chair.

I Wish I Didn’t Need an Oncologist at All, But I’m Thankful for the One I Had

November 7th 2022

I wish I didn’t need to see an oncologist at all, but am thankful that the one I had was amazing.

Is it Possible to Have a Broad-Based Cancer Team in a Rural Area?

November 4th 2022

With a little luck and a lot of coordination, I managed to create an excellent and comprehensive cancer care team in the least populated state in the country.

Taking My Life Back After Two Bouts of Breast Cancer

November 2nd 2022

I experienced two separate breast cancer diagnoses, and the aromatase inhibitors I was prescribed drastically decreased my quality of life. Then, I found a way out.

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Cancer

November 1st 2022

When comparing my experiences with those who came before me, I’m happy to realize that cancer treatments have gotten better and there are more Black leaders in the medical community.

My 6 Rules for Navigating Cancer and Medical Misdiagnoses

October 31st 2022

I was misdiagnosed twice before receiving my kidney cancer diagnosis, and along the way, I learned the importance of expert doctors and clinical trials.

Cancer Changed How I Parent

October 31st 2022

In the depths of chemotherapy, I found myself oscillating between being gloriously present and embarrassingly permissive.

Going Through Cancer as a Young Adult Shaped My Outlook on Life

October 30th 2022

I went through two grueling bouts of cancer when I was a young adult, which drastically shaped my life.

I Was Unprepared for the ‘Stark Realities’ of Cancer Survivorship

October 29th 2022

As both a physician and a cancer survivor, here are three things I’ve learned about life after active treatment — a stage I found myself woefully unprepared for.

When Dealing With Cancer, You Must 'Find Your Person'

October 28th 2022

I was lucky to find “my person,” when dealing with cancer: someone who was experiencing similar situations as I was, even if she was thousands of miles away.

I Chose to Celebrate the Small Victories With Cancer

October 28th 2022

When I was first diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, I initially thought, “why me?” Now I wonder, “why not me?”

Cancer Was a Rallying Cry for My Family

October 26th 2022

I knew my family was close, but it wasn’t until my mom was diagnosed that I realized how bonded we truly were.

From a Halfway House to Cancer Treatment: My Family Helped Me Live With ‘Profound Purpose’ After a Leukemia Relapse

October 25th 2022

After breaking 20 years of sobriety, I received even worse news: my leukemia had relapsed, and I’d need a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully, my family and treatment team lifted me up during this difficult time.

Cancer Made Me Proud of My Accomplishments

October 24th 2022

Receiving a brain cancer diagnosis was scary, but it taught me to be more forgiving to others and proud of what I have accomplished.

My Oncologist Gave Me Hope

October 22nd 2022

After being diagnosed with lymphoma, I scheduled consultations with three oncologists, but only one provided me with the hope I needed.

Cancer Forced Me to Learn to Be Sick

October 21st 2022

I was never sick before cancer, so my diagnosis made me learn how to be ill and accept the kindness of others.

My Trip to the White House as a Patient With Cancer

October 17th 2022

My trip to the White House to advocate for myself and other patients with cancer was an empowering and memorable experience.

Embracing My Cancer Scars Because I’ve Earned Every One of Them

October 15th 2022

I’ve had leukemia for 13 years, and don’t owe anyone an explanation why my hair is short, or my face looks puffy.

Goodbye Leukemia, I Hope to Never See You Again

October 12th 2022

In this poem, I chronicle "Suzy Q's" experience with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Brain Cancer Made Me Feel Fortunate and Fearless

October 11th 2022

Ten years after my brain cancer diagnosis, I feel hopeful and content with my life.

I No Longer Run from My Cancer Diagnosis

October 10th 2022

I went from being an avid runner to running from information about my lung cancer. But now I embrace my diagnosis and am an active participant in my care.

I Still Have a Life Despite Cancer

October 9th 2022

I didn’t let my cancer diagnoses get in the way of living life.

Cancer’s Emotional Scars Deserve Compassionate Healing

October 7th 2022

I turned my cancer-related depression and frustration with the health care system into something positive for others with the disease.

Thriving in Pink After Breast Cancer

October 5th 2022

Looking back on my breast cancer experience, I contemplate what it means to thrive.

My Body Was Hijacked by Cancer, So I Must ‘Dig in Deep and Fight’

October 4th 2022

My healthy body was hijacked by an enemy (ovarian cancer) launching my continuous fight against the disease.

I’m ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ in Life After Cancer

October 3rd 2022

After undergoing treatment for triple-negative breast cancer, I’m living my life with cautious optimism, and will always seek out joy.

From Hair Loss to Menopause, a Look at the ‘Good Stuff’ From Cancer Treatment

October 1st 2022

Cancer tried to kill me, but I came back even stronger than ever.

During Cancer, I Learned That ‘It’s All Temporary’

September 29th 2022

The medical world has antidotes for many of the issues that arise from cancer treatments, so I learned to speak up about what I was experiencing.

After a Cancer Diagnosis, I Became a 'Patient From Hell'

September 27th 2022

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I became a fierce advocate for myself.

Looking Back on My Cancer Experience, I Would Have Done Things Differently

September 27th 2022

I underwent cancer treatments during my lunch breaks at work. Looking back, I wish I took some time off.