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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
To share your story, submit it via a Word document to for your chance to have your story highlighted here, and please be sure to include "Share Your Story" in the subject line.
CURE® accepts submissions of personal essays from readers relating to their own cancer experience. Submission of your work to CURE® does not guarantee publication. CURE® does not offer compensation for general submissions.
Submissions shall:

  • Consist of 500-800 words.
  • Be submitted to as an attachment in a Word document.
  • Consist of original work created entirely by you and of which all rights belong to you. The work should not have been published elsewhere or currently submitted elsewhere.
  • Not violate any person or entity’s copyright, trademark, or right of privacy or any other right.

Check out the prompts below and choose the question that resonates most with you.

  • What unexpected lesson(s) did cancer teach you?
  • What is one thing you wish friends and family knew about your cancer diagnosis?
  • Share the story of your diagnosis — how does what you feel then differ from how you feel now?

CURE® reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, content, and length and in accordance with CURE®’s style guide and standards. By submitting your work to CURE®, you acknowledge that the ownership of the copyright rights in any edited version belong to CURE® as an original creation of a derivative work. You also acknowledge that if you submit work elsewhere, you will not have the right to use CURE®’s edited version without CURE®’s prior written permission.

Your Recent Stories

The 'Gift' of Cancer

September 6th 2021

A woman describes how cancer changed her life for the better in her poem, 'Gift.'

'Rainbows of Hope' During Cancer

September 5th 2021

A woman uses a poem to explain how seeing a double rainbow before and during her cancer journey gave her hope.

'Divided' Before a Cancer Diagnosis

September 4th 2021

A man writes a poem about an ex-girlfriend who discovered she had cancer.

How Cancer Creeps Into Therapy Sessions

September 3rd 2021

A woman writes about the PTSD she suffered as a result of her breast cancer experience, and how cancer finds its way into her therapy sessions.

Finding Strength to Face Cancer in 'Where I’m From'

September 2nd 2021

A lymphoma survivor writes a poem about her sources of resiliency when dealing with cancer treatments.

Experiencing a Lumpectomy and Gaining 'Insight'

August 30th 2021

A woman writes a poem about how she leaned on family, faith and friends when a suspicious spot was discovered during her annual mammogram appointment.

'I Can’t Believe I’m Here' Despite Cancer

August 29th 2021

A cancer survivor whose mother died from the same disease writes a poem about the emotions she has related to being a 15-year survivor.

An Ode to the Oncologist Who Died From Cancer

August 28th 2021

A cancer survivor who is now in remission writes a poem dedicated to the oncologist who helped save his life but later died from brain cancer.

Cancer Loss and Memories of 'The Small Giant'

August 27th 2021

In a special poem dedicated to his aunt who died from breast cancer, Javishkar Reddy writes about their connection and the emotions he felt after losing her.

Cancer Questions and Unwanted Drips

August 25th 2021

A survivor of myxofibrosarcoma expresses his thoughts about cancer recurrence and treatment options in a poem.

Cancer and Friendship

August 25th 2021

A retired oncology social worker offers several tips on supporting a friend who has cancer, as well as ways to ask for support as a patient with cancer.

'The Dent,' an Ode to Cancer Scars

August 24th 2021

A woman with triple positive breast cancer shares an ode to her scars in hopes that other cancer survivors will find solace and connection in her words.

'Hush,' Learning to Live With Cancer Loss

August 22nd 2021

A woman writes a poem about her varying experiences with cancer, from surviving to losing both her father and father-in-law.

'Stronger Than the Storm' of Cancer

August 20th 2021

A woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer shares a poem about dealing with the obstacles of a health crisis and the struggles of life in general.

What Cancer Has Taken

August 19th 2021

A breast cancer survivor expresses her emotions in a poem about all that cancer has taken from her.

'Scorch,' A Poem About Cancer

August 17th 2021

"There is a ferocious fire that makes me restless," writes a two-time cancer survivor in a poem about her experiences with breast cancer.

5 Ways to Support Your Mental Wellness During Radiation Therapy

August 15th 2021

Here are five options for overcoming stress and anxiety to promote your mental wellness and emotional resilience during your radiation therapy.

In the Mist of My Fear: Experiences With MDS

August 10th 2021

A patient with MDS writes about facing fears during the treatment journey.

Push Down, Turn: Phases of Treatment for Cancer

August 9th 2021

A woman writes about the feeling of ambivalence that comes with each milestone in the treatment journey for her breast cancer.

Could Your UV Manicure Increase Your Risk for Skin Cancer?

August 1st 2021

What you should know about UV manicures and cancer risk.

Perhaps a Pearl: An Experience That Led to Meeting Another Breast Cancer Survivor

July 31st 2021

A woman dedicates a poem to the experience of meeting a fellow breast cancer survivor.

Like a Vessel

July 25th 2021

A breast cancer survivor writes a poem about feeling adrift after treatment.

Imperfection After Breast Cancer

July 24th 2021

A stage 2 breast cancer survivor uses poetry to reflect on her views about her changing body after a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.

Cancer Does Not Define Me

July 17th 2021

A stage 3 bowel cancer survivor who recently found out she was in remission writes a poem about maintaining her identity despite cancer.

Paying it Forward in the Flow

July 16th 2021

A woman shares the story of her journey with multiple cancer types, including the same one that her mother died from.

The Hawk

July 11th 2021

A woman with triple positive breast cancer writes a poem about how the world constantly spins when you’re a patient with cancer.

Blue Sky High

July 10th 2021

A survivor with a nearly 10-year journey with lung cancer and ongoing treatment writes a poem about the emotional ups and downs of living with cancer.

Hey, Guys, It’s Time to Eat Your Veggies

June 29th 2021

Remember when you were a child and your parents said to eat your vegetables to grow up strong and healthy? Well, it’s still true.

Block the Burn: How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

June 27th 2021

Learn the differences between sunscreen types and what to look for.

The Guide’s Silhouette

June 24th 2021

A breast cancer survivor writes a poem about a symbol of reassurance she saw while fatigued from cancer treatments.