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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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Your Recent Stories

While It May Sound Strange Amid COVID-19, I’m Having A Good Year

August 27th 2020

I am not pining for the end of the pandemic, which makes me a bit of a weirdo among people I know, even though the end of the pandemic would be wonderful. I have been changed as a result of my cancer diagnosis, for it taught me that things can change at any moment.

Tips for Managing Anxiety During Cancer Treatment

August 22nd 2020

Anxiety, fear and panic may be some of the most difficult feelings to manage during cancer treatment. Here are some ways of dealing with these emotions to make you feel better.

When it Comes to Metastatic Breast Cancer, Six Years is Not Enough

August 19th 2020

Patients with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer need so much more. All I want is more time, because six years is just not enough.

Device Radiation & Cancer: My Journey With Cancer

August 16th 2020

Often overlooked is the potential connection between radiation from the mobile devices in our life and cancer. One patient details the potential impact on her life.

How COVID-19 Has Allowed Everyone to Walk in The Shoes of A Cancer Survivor

August 14th 2020

Every cancer journey is unique, and everyone's personal story is different. But COVID-19 has given many people the chance to see the world from the shoes of a cancer survivor.

Cancer Taught Me What It Really Means to Fight for Your Life

August 14th 2020

The cancer journey can show you what it really means to fight for your life.

5 Reasons Why Cancer Is Not All Bad

August 11th 2020

Cancer comes with its many challenges and pitfalls, but that doesn't mean it has to all be bad news.

How Cancer Drastically Changed My Marriage

August 2nd 2020

“It was as if the burning fires of our pre-cancer days had been completely extinguished. There weren't even smoldering embers left.”

7 Tips on Cancer Etiquette for the Sensitive Caregiver

July 28th 2020

Pushing Glioblastoma Awareness Toward A Happier Ending

July 21st 2020

In honor of the second annual Glioblastoma Awareness Day in the United States, Erica Finamore shares her story of the journey and untimely passing of her husband Jon Marc. But how that passing has still given to the research of brain cancer.

Waiting for the Oncologist Amid COVID-19

July 12th 2020

A Few Days With Martha

July 11th 2020

Cancer Survivor Creates NHS Approved Health App, 'Wholesome World'

July 7th 2020


July 6th 2020

The Positive Side of Caregiving: Why it's More Fun Than Exhausting

July 5th 2020

Showing Care For Your Caregiver

June 26th 2020

Girl Power

June 22nd 2020

Step Inside

June 21st 2020

Saying Goodbye

June 20th 2020

How A Second Opinion Gave Us More Opportunities to Seek Additional Cancer Care

June 15th 2020

A caregiver sheds light on the trials and tribulations of his wife's cancer journey and describes his awe in watching his wife's strength.

My Cancer Is Gone

June 15th 2020

Cancer, Covid, and Quarantine

June 14th 2020

Dealing With Uncertainty From Metastatic Breast Cancer

June 12th 2020

A Miracle in The Time of Coronavirus

June 10th 2020

Even the smallest of realizations can feel like a miracle.

20 Things I Have Learned from My Cancer Journey

June 10th 2020

Mary Trouba, a patient with metastatic inflammatory breast cancer, talks about the 20 things she has learned on her own cancer journey.

My New Abnormal

June 6th 2020

I Want to Be "Me" Again

June 3rd 2020

Making Bonds Stronger On The Cancer Journey

June 2nd 2020

Dealing With Uncertainty In the Face of Metastatic Breast Cancer and COVID-19

June 1st 2020

Dance Like No One is Watching

May 30th 2020