Caregivers are a Ribbon of Family


Caregivers are tailor-made to help patients and survivors through their cancer experiences.

Image of a patient with a caregiver, holding hands.

"There is a ribbon of love. There is a ribbon of complete wellness. There is a ribbon of endurance."

A Ribbon of Family

When you see someone on the side of the road, you automatically feel the urge to assist,

Give a helping hand.

So when you see someone fight for their lives, that feeling to support is magnified.

We all like to see a prize fighter proclaim victory.

The champ is here!

The champ is you!

Prepare to ring the bell.

We humbly were your companion, your personal driver, your private chef.

The honor is all ours. To see someone push through the toughest of times with dignity.

Finding a way to sleep when so many troubles were on your mind.

Attempting to eat to nurture your soul, even when you didn't have an appetite.

You found energy to see about us when you didn't feel quite well yourself.

Finding a way to encourage others to seek the light, during your darkest hours.

You are more than a survivor,

You are a testament; superheroes really do exist.

Thanks to you, others know there is a ribbon of hope.

There is a ribbon of love. There is a ribbon of complete wellness. There is a ribbon of endurance.

There is a team of collective individuals that are your supporters and biggest fans.

They represent a ribbon of family, tailor-made to celebrate you.

I have witnessed many survivors and this is from my point of view. Many of them are in remission and thriving. Others, were “cured” from cancer, but faced other health issues. I have lost loved ones as well from different types of cancer. I can’t freely tell their stories because it was meant for them to share, but I can paint a vivid picture of a supporter. There are many people that have been in my shoes; being in a role beside someone fighting for their life.

This post was written and submitted by Q. R. Williams. The article reflects the views of Williams and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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