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Len Lichtenfeld, M.D.
Progress in cancer comes slowly, in bits and pieces and not in sudden bursts of success. And even when “breakthroughs” happen, it usually takes a long time to confirm that the early results actually make a difference.
Katie Kosko
Immunotherapies and targeted therapies may cause skin, nail, hair and foot reactions that could reduce patient quality of life.
Lowell Hart
With new ways to treat chemotherapy-induced side effects, it seems that chemotherapy, combined with checkpoint inhibitors, is here to stay for the foreseeable future, according to one expert.
Dr. Daniel McFarland
Tumor mutation burden may be an independent predictor of developing depression in patients with lung cancer, according to Dr. Daniel McFarland.
Kristie L. Kahl
Increased tumor mutation burden (TMB), which is associated with more inflammation, may be a factor in determining which patients with lung cancer are at higher risk for depression.
Jessica Skarzynski
The growing use of immunotherapy in oncology has confronted many community practice-based oncologists with challenges to implementation, but one advocacy group’s new initiative aims to educate and empower.
Katie Kosko
Autoimmune skin toxicities in patients with non-small cell lung cancer mean patients may respond better to immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Katie Kosko
Recent study findings show no significant difference in treatment efficacy or overall survival between men and women.
Dr. Jyoti Patel and patient Laura O’Brien share their parting perspectives on stage III non-small cell lung cancer and the future of treatment.
The value of support and credible information is emphasized regarding one’s journey through non-small cell lung cancer.

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