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Novel Drug Combo Induces Encouraging Results in Patients With Heavily Pretreated Breast Cancer

January 3rd 2022

The use of Faslodex plus the investigational drug samuraciclib was considered safe in individuals with heavily pretreated hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Mortality Risk Later in Life May Be Increased in Childhood Leukemia Survivors With Down Syndrome

January 3rd 2022

Patients with Down syndrome have an increased risk for leukemia during childhood, and toxicities related to treatment may be more common in this patient population.

My Plan to Help Fellow Cancer Survivors in 2022

January 3rd 2022

A cancer survivor pens a poem about his New Year’s resolutions to help other survivors through obstacles in 2022.

Survival With Immunotherapy in Common Brain Tumor Subtype May Be Predicted by a Biomarker

January 3rd 2022

Patients with a common brain tumor subtype that expresses ERK1/2 activation may obtain a greater survival benefit with PD-1 immunotherapy, although research needs to confirm whether this can be observed in all patients.

A Deep Dedication to Improving Outcomes for Patients With Lung Cancer

January 3rd 2022

An oncologist from Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia explains the early career mentorship that inspired his successful lung cancer career.

Breaking the Stigma: Anyone Can Get Lung Cancer

January 2nd 2022

Not having known much about lung cancer, a woman describes her shock at receiving a diagnosis despite being a non-smoker.

The Top 5 Cancer-Related Podcast Episodes of 2021

January 1st 2022

CURE® compiled its top 5 most-listened-to podcast episodes from this year, featuring cancer survivor stories, caregivers and experts.

Innovating the Future of Lung Cancer Care

January 1st 2022

A lung cancer doctor explains how he got lucky to fill in a role in the lung cancer space, and his career and passion took off from there.

The Lung Cancer Advocate Who Is a Friend to All

December 31st 2021

A woman who has worked with Upal Basu Roy in the lung cancer space for many years explains why he is a lung cancer hero to everyone he has worked with, due to his dedication and empathy.

What’s Most Commonly Misunderstood About My Cancer Experience

December 31st 2021

A young adult cancer survivor describes the ways people typically misunderstand his cancer experiences.

Welireg May Promote Strong Clinical Activity in VHL-Associated Kidney Cancer With Mild Side Effects

December 30th 2021

As the standard treatment for patients with renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of kidney cancer, related to VHL disease is often surgical procedures, the use of Welireg may reduce surgical burden in patients.

It Takes a ‘Huge Clinic Village’ to Create a Dream Cancer Care Team

December 30th 2021

From nurse navigators to surgeons, clinical social workers and more, a patient with cancer often has a village of team members helping them achieve a smooth and successful treatment experience.

How Long Should a Cancer Survivor Keep Seeing Their Oncologist?

December 30th 2021

A person with cancer may naturally assume an oncologist will follow them throughout the course of treatment, but when that person survives for many years, things can rapidly change.

Rock Star Lung Cancer Supporter and Advocate

December 30th 2021

A lung cancer survivor describes a passionate advocate who has changed the world of many patients.

Body Composition May Be a Better Predictor of Chemotoxicities in Children With Lymphoma or a Type of Sarcoma Than BMI

December 29th 2021

Children with low skeletal muscle density were more likely to have hematologic toxicities from chemotherapy, but more research is needed to determine whether this measure is an accurate predictor of chemotoxicities in lymphoma.

Top 5 Brain Cancer News Stories of 2021

December 29th 2021

From celebrity deaths to exciting new treatments, here is CURE®’s roundup of what made waves in the brain cancer space this year.

Things You Should Not Say to a Cancer Survivor

December 29th 2021

A cancer survivor discusses the hurtful words people say to cancer survivors and why they sting.

My Wife’s Oncologist Is a Hero

December 29th 2021

A man writes about how his wife’s doctor saved her life after she was given three weeks to three months to live.

Immunotherapy Use Increased in Patients Ineligible for Cancer Trials, Highlighting the Need for More Research in Vulnerable Populations

December 28th 2021

The use of immunotherapy in patients with advanced cancers and decreased fitness levels or organ function increased from 2014 to 2019, although trials for this treatment typically exclude this population.

Cancer Drug Approvals from 2021 That Patients May Have Missed

December 28th 2021

2021 was full of research advancements and FDA drug approvals that continue to improve cancer care for patients with a variety of malignancies.

Second-Line Enhertu May Be ‘Standard of Care’ for Patients with HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

December 28th 2021

The use of Enhertu may also be beneficial across HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer subgroups including patients with and without brain metastases.

A Champion for Expanding Access to Lung Cancer Breakthroughs

December 28th 2021

A colleague describes Dr. Edward S. Kim’s devotion to improving lung cancer care and creating more inclusive clinical trial practices.

Study Results Champion Keytruda/Chemo as ‘New Standard of Care’ in TNBC Subset

December 27th 2021

The combination of Keytruda and chemotherapy improved survival rates in patients with PD-L1—positive metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.

Top Celebrity Cancer-Related News of 2021

December 27th 2021

Many individuals were affected by cancer in the year 2021, including those in the spotlight. Here’s a roundup of the most-read cancer-related news impacting celebrities this year.

Genomic Features in Young Adults With Cancer May Differ Than in Older Patients, Which May Help Steer Treatment Decisions

December 27th 2021

As cancer incidence increases in young adults, understanding the genomic profiles of tumors in young adults may guide treatment options such as immunotherapy.

Lung Cancer Research Advocacy Driven by Heart

December 27th 2021

A woman writes about the unique lung cancer advocate who leads his endeavors with his heart for change.

When a Lung Cancer Diagnosis Brings About a New Mission

December 26th 2021

After receiving an advanced non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis, a competitive runner and cyclist began running toward a new goal: becoming a lung cancer advocate.

Lung Cancer Hero Implements ‘Tar Wars’ School Initiative Program

December 25th 2021

Ellen Petree worked with local health care leaders and community nurses to help reduce the number of children who went on to use tobacco, lowering their risk for lung cancer.

3 Rules a Cancer Survivor Has Made to Collaborate With Anxiety in 2022

December 25th 2021

A breast cancer survivor describes how exhausting it is to live in constant fear of cancer and how she plans to combat it in 2022.

The Paradoxical Gifts of Cancer

December 24th 2021

Nobody wants to learn they have cancer. But sometimes, the disease teaches people to appreciate other aspects of life, one cancer survivor explains.